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What We Do: Endpoint Security

Bromium has developed next-generation security based on virtualization to secure organizations from cyber attacks. Just like virtualization transformed the IT datacenter, Bromium is using virtualization to transform the endpoint. Bromium solves an enterprise's toughest security challenges.

Defeat Cyber Attacks

Protect against Advanced Cyber Attacks

Bromium is the most advanced security to combat zero-day attacks, enabling users to click on anything without risk of compromise. Bromium technology places every user task in a secure micro-VM, so endpoints are protected against both known and unknown attacks, including zero-day attacks, drive-by downloads, malvertising, spear-phishing attacks and advanced persistent threats (APTs).


Detect and Monitor in Real Time

Bromium provides continuous host monitoring to provide real-time alerts with comprehensive threat intelligence. Inside and outside the micro-VM, Bromium monitors all execution for deviations from “known good” as well as a “known-bad” blacklist of every newly identified attack. Monitoring and alerting of attacks in progress in real time is essential to enable a quick response and minimize attacker dwell time within the organization.

Off-Net Laptop Users

Secure Off-Net Laptop Users

Today’s users demand the flexibility to work at home or on the road, but when they work outside the network perimeter, they are typically communicating with an untrusted network, which could open the door to cyber attacks. Our breakthrough CPU-enforced isolation technology contains every single user task and immediately disposes of the contents, including malware, when the user closes the task. Users are empowered to do their best work safely anywhere, anytime.


Eliminate Urgent Patching and Remediation

Attackers target endpoints because they are a doorway to your network and your vital data. Vulnerabilities abound in Web browsers or other software are usually discovered more quickly than patches can be applied. Bromium eliminates the need for urgent patching and reimaging of PCs.

Java Legacy App Support

Provide Support for Legacy Java Applications

Java-based applications are integral to most businesses and are the targets of many recent attacks. With Bromium, whenever users run these applications, every task — even a task that may be processing untrusted data or malicious code — is isolated in a micro-VM. Supporting legacy Java applications is no longer an issue for IT.