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Changing the Economics of Security

Today’s security model is broken…and expensive. Traditional defenses are ineffective and result in enormous downstream costs for an enterprise. Bromium completely changes the economics of security.

Traditional defenses cause:

16,937 alerts
per week for a typical organization*
395 hours
wasted weekly due to faulty intelligence and alerts*
annual average cost of time responding to false alerts*

Bromium’s unique technology helps security teams move from reactive mode to proactive mode—and it benefits your bottom line dramatically. By deploying Bromium, you are able to defeat cyber attacks in real time while drastically reducing the enormous costs inherent in the traditional security life cycle of detection, false alerts and remediation.

We help you accomplish
this by:

  1. Reducing desktop operations cost

    Enterprises reliant on old-school detection technology on the network and on the endpoint find themselves facing a sea of alerts, drowning in data that suggest an attack may have occurred. Invariably, these investigations prove fruitless and an organization incurs significant costs that could have been avoided.

  2. Reducing security operations costs

    The downstream costs of urgent security patching and reimaging machines can be enormous for an organization. With Bromium, this is a thing of the past. Security professionals can eliminate the need for urgent patching and, since breaches can’t occur anymore, there is no need for reimaging infected machines. Further, a company saves on employee downtime that simply goes way.

  3. Eliminating the cost of a breach

    The largest cost for most organizations is clearly the damage caused by a data breach. Lost intellectual property, customer and financial data and the resulting brand damage can be staggering, in the tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars, as evidenced by Target and Sony. Industry research highlights that the average cost of a breach in 2014 was over $7 million. And for larger F500 companies, it is significantly more.

Simplify your security life cycle and change the economics of security
with Bromium

Traditional Detection Models vs. New Isolation Model from Bromium

*Ponemon Malware Report, 2015

**Disclaimer: The Cost Savings Calculator is for example and informational purposes only. Nothing contained in this calculator is intended to constitute financial or legal advice. Use of the estimator is at the user’s own risk, and the user is solely responsible for its use of or reliance on any results, estimated, projected, or actual.