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Why Choose Bromium to Secure Endpoints?

Protect your brand, your data and your people with Bromium’s revolutionary approach to security…CPU-enforced isolation.

The threat landscape has changed. Breaches occur at an alarming pace and the #1 point of entry is the endpoint. Legacy detection-based defenses, such as antivirus or sandboxes, simply aren’t enough to stop dynamic, modern cyber attacks. They leave you in a reactive and costly cycle of chasing false alerts, urgent patching, remediating and, worst of all, getting breached.

It’s time for a new era in security. What if you didn’t have to be reactive all of the time, trying to detect attacks, chasing a sea of false alerts and constantly remediating PCs? Our revolutionary approach to security using CPU-enforced isolation defeats today’s threats while streamlining IT, reducing costs, and empowering your users. We stop attacks where you are most exposed — the endpoint. Now your people can access your corporate network securely, whether they’re in the office or on the road. Your IT team can spend less time on costly remediation and urgent security patching. And you can focus your energy on what matters most — your success.

Defeat Cyber Attacks

Defeat Cyber Attacks

More than 70% of compromises start at the endpoint. Bromium’s breakthrough isolation technology is vastly superior at defeating threats, such as advanced malware, advanced persistent threats (APTs), spear phishing, and zero-day exploits, than detection and blocking solutions like antivirus, whitelisting, Web gateways, and sandboxes. By leveraging our purpose-built micro-virtualization technology to hardware-isolate every task, cybercriminals don’t stand a chance with Bromium. In fact, in a recent test, NSS Labs gave us a score of 100% for endpoint protection.

Streamline IT

Streamline IT and Reduce Costs

IT typically spends a great deal of time sifting through a sea of false alerts, applying urgent security patches, trying to support legacy applications like Java, and reimaging PCs. The process seems never-ending, and it’s costly. What if false alerts became a thing of the past, if urgent patching and costly remediation were dramatically reduced and even eliminated? Bromium turns these what-ifs into reality. Bromium helps make life much easier for IT — so they can work on projects that are more meaningful to your company. And you’ll improve your bottom line too by spending less on additional security solutions and operational expenses.

Empower Users

Empower Users

Your people want the flexibility to use the latest tools, freely access the Web, and work anywhere — from home, branch offices, hotels, airports or even cafes. Restrictive policies and cumbersome security products can slow them down. With Bromium, you can free your users to be more productive and creative, in the office or on the go, without risk of compromise.

Gain Real-time Intelligence

Gain Real-Time Intelligence

When it comes to security, knowledge is power. Bromium allows threats to fully execute within the secure container of the micro-VM, so that your IT team can gain valuable insights. It’s like having a DVR or a black box flight recorder for every cyber attack — in real time — and there’s no need to be concerned about a patient zero because your system won’t get infected. Your SOC team will find out exactly what the threat looks like, how it behaves, and whom it’s targeting. Imagine thousands of endpoints communicating back to IT and to your network infrastructure with rich intelligence on attacks in real time.