Blog VMworld 2017 – Our Virtualization-Based Security Resonated with Architects, CISOs and Security-Minded Professionals

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VMworld 2017 – Our Virtualization-Based Security Resonated with Architects, CISOs and Security-Minded Professionals

  • We were so happy to be in our element with folks who understand the inherent value in virtualization.
  • From booth demos to our theater presentation on the Showcase stage to the private breakfast with The Godfathers of Virtualization, we received amazing feedback.
  • We look forward to bringing our solution to your business – is it time for a meeting?

VMworld is so different from the security shows we typically attend. Usually we are in crowded spaces with a crush of humanity and very little time with anyone to convey a lot of meaning. But that wasn’t the case at VMworld. There was space, refreshments, places to sit down and talk, and lots of space in between booths so a person could actually focus on each vendor’s offering. From the moment we hit registration and felt the cool vibe of The Village, we knew we were in a world that operated on another level. For the engineers, SEs and technical team working our booth, the show confirmed their passion for virtualization. Folks who stopped by immediately saw the value of our security solution and wanted to know more.

Exclusive breakfast in the sky was not only delicious but very interesting.

We had an exclusive breakfast with Simon Crosby and Ian Pratt (who I’ve driven nuts by naming them The Godfathers of Virtualization) and the discussion went well over an hour and nobody left! We ate at the top of the Mandalay Bay Resort in The Foundation Room (where we were able to peek in “the regulars’” liquor lockers to discover their tastes in alcohol – Angelia Jolie likes fine Scotch). The guests interacted easily with Simon and Ian as they dove into the technical aspects of the product and asked about where virtualization might go next.

LEARN MORE: How Bromium uses virtualization.

VMBlog interviews The Godfathers and showcases our security approach.

David Marshall and the VMBlog came by the booth and did an interview with Simon and Ian. In the video, you’ll hear Simon talk about how we are tackling security and then Ian does a quick demo.

Press coverage, press releases and our newest product offering.

On Monday, VMware announced AppDefense and Forbes picked up the story. It was nice to see them include Bromium in their security coverage. A day later, Trevor Pott at Virtualization Review included a look at Bromium as he reviewed AppDefense. His article discusses the new product then does a pivot, “Bromium serves as an excellent guide for how these sorts of defense mechanisms can work, once they’re fully developed. Bromium secures endpoints by acting on applications in two different ways,” (read more). It’s a great primer for folks wanting to know more about what we do.

We also had two press releases last week: one about Ian and Simon and our return to our roots – virtualization – and the other that’s maybe more important for anyone who’s using high-risk legacy apps. We announced the availability of Secure App Extensions which provides a way to let legacy apps run inside our protected micro-VMs. We’ve had several customers ask for this level of protection as they struggle with applications that were developed internally or were purchased and are no longer supported by the vendor because they’ve been discontinued. This protection gives IT departments the ability to mitigate risk while developing migration plans that can take time.

TAKE THE TEST: Is your organization ready for virtualization-based security?

If you saw us at VMworld or missed the show, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us for a meeting and we’ll provide the information you need to decide if virtualization-based security is right for you.



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