Blog Stopping Threats in Real Time with Bromium Application Isolation

Stopping threats in real time with Bromium application isolation

September 27, 2018 Category: Company News By: Jessica Morales Comments: 0

Stopping Threats in Real Time with Bromium Application Isolation

  • Bromium virtualization-based security stops threats that other cyber security solutions miss
  • Learn how Bromium provides real-time protection against zero-day threats – in just 90 seconds
  • Share this video with your security and Ops teams, and anyone else who could benefit from learning about application isolation

Explaining the benefits of application isolation and containment can be challenging. Especially if your operations and security teams have already heard dozens of sales pitches from different vendors – all promising to fix your enterprise security problems with detection-based solutions.

The truth is – detection alone doesn’t work, and hackers know perfectly well that the best way to get around layer upon layer of corporate security is to trick a user into clicking on a malicious email attachment, follow a web link, or download a file from an unknown source. No amount of security training will stop the users from mistaking a malicious attachment for a legitimate file. Placing restrictions and constraints on what employees can and cannot open will only frustrate the users and keep them from doing their jobs effectively.

You can still win the game against increasingly sophisticated security threats – by adding application isolation to your security stack.

Bromium’s new 90-second video explains the nature of the most common threats to enterprise security and shows you how Bromium can help safeguard your assets and IP by using application isolation and containment. Bromium isolates risky activities on the endpoint into micro-virtual machines, protecting endpoints from getting infected.

Watch the new video below. Share it with your security teams, your Ops team, and anyone who has a stake in cyber security. It’s the easiest way to understand the advantages of virtualization-based security – in just 90 seconds!




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