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Turning Off Security Bromium Infosecurity 2017 Research Infographic

July 24, 2017 Category: Company News By: Jennifer Carole Comments: 0

Turning Off Cybersecurity to Increase Productivity Shouldn’t Be How the Problem Gets Solved

  • It seems security teams are under a lot of pressure from the organization when it comes to the balance between productivity and staying secure.
  • Our infographic below explains how this plays out: with some saying they turn off security and others modifying it.
  • Cybersecurity shouldn’t be this hard and it shouldn’t impact end user behavior. Users should be able to click with confidence.

Turning off or modifying cybersecurity isn’t going to solve the problem of preventing breaches. We asked security professionals at InfoSec London in June 2017, and they revealed they have had to make some tough choices. A number of them said they had to turn security off so folks could get their jobs done. Moreover, they have had leaders from other parts of the organization ask them to modified security controls to increase productivity.

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We’ve summarized the data in our infographic below. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about this struggle. In a study we did at RSAC 2017 last February, security pros admitted to paying ransoms just so leadership wouldn’t find out they’d been breached. Security shouldn’t be a burden. It needs to protect everyone in the organization while allowing them to work at speed – and not worry about opening attachments or surfing the web. Virtualization-based security is the answer (that’s what we do!).

Want to learn more about how we do it? Contact us for a demo. Let’s get your folks back to work.


Infosecurity 2017 Research Infographic


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