The following is a list of Bromium’s trademarks:

  • Bromium®
  • Bromium Enterprise Controller™
  • Bromium Micro-VM®
  • Bromium micro-virtualization®
  • Bromium Secure Monitoring™
  • Bromium Secure Files™
  • Bromium Secure Browser™
  • Bromium Secure Platform™
  • Bromium µVM®
  • Click on Anything™
  • Live Attack Visualization and Analysis™ (LAVA™)
  • MicroFX™
  • Microvisor™
  • Trustworthy By Design®
  • vSentry®
  • vTask™

Any use of the Bromium name, Bromium logo, or the Bromium Hex without prior approval from Bromium is expressly forbidden.

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