HP Threat Research Blog New Study Explores the Dark Net and the Growing Risk to the Enterprise


June 6, 2019 Category: Into the Web of Profit, Uncategorized By: Dr Michael McGuire Comments: 0

New Study Explores the Dark Net and the Growing Risk to the Enterprise

  • New report details how the dark net has become a cybercrime shopping paradise, offering bespoke malware and targeted FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 hacking services
  • Dark net activity is set to go deeper underground, as vendors turn to encrypted messaging services to thwart law enforcement

After another three months of research I’m excited to unveil the next chapter of ‘Into the Web of Profit’– ‘Behind the Dark Net Black Mirror’ – at Infosecurity Europe today. The previous chapter examined what role social media plays in the cybercrime economy, and how platforms like Twitter are being used as a marketing portal to shopping facilities on the dark net.

Naturally, it felt like the next step in this journey was to jump headfirst into this portal, allowing us to delve into the murky underbelly of the dark net and highlight the growing risk posed to businesses. What we found was startling, and we uncovered a worrying amount of threats to the enterprise including bespoke malware, network access tools as well as phishing kits and tutorials.

Undercover Observations

In order to discern what’s truly happening on the dark net, my team and I went undercover to gather first-hand intelligence through covert discussions with dark net vendors. One of the most shocking findings from these conversations was how willing vendors were to engage in discussions around targeted hacking and corporate espionage services.

We found that 4 in 10 dark net