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Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Security Webinars

Making Ransomware Irrelevant New

Michael Charland, security officer at Masonicare, discusses how top security professionals are dealing with the rise of advanced cyber attacks and how he transformed his security to prevent breaches.

Learn about:

  • Security trends in today’s market
  • Why crypto-ransomware is one of the biggest security threats
  • Why many “next-gen” approaches are flawed
  • Why Masonicare decided on CPU-enforced isolation to secure their endpoints
  • How Bromium defeats crypto-ransomware, making it totally irrelevant

Proactive Ransomware Protection Using CPU-enforced Security New

Jared DeMott, principal security researcher at Bromium, discusses ransomware, its growing threat to organizations and Bromium’s proactive ransomware protection using CPU-enforced security.


  • What exploit kits and ransomware are
  • Why ransomware is becoming one of the biggest threats to organizations
  • How variants of ransomware families are growing at an exponential rate
  • Why traditional security products are insufficient in stopping ransomware
  • How to effectively protect against ransomware across your organization’s endpoints

Protecting the Endpoint Using CPU-enforced Security

Paul Hershberger, head of security at The Mosaic Company, shares his thoughts on the effectiveness of traditional security technologies and why Bromium’s next-generation security platform was deployed to protect against advanced cyber attacks.


  • What the top priorities and concerns of CISOs are
  • Why traditional security is ineffective against modern zero-day and targeted attacks
  • How Mosaic decided on CPU-enforced security to ensure security at the endpoints
  • How to consistently make ransomware a non-issue

Introducing Bromium Advanced Endpoint Security

Simon Crosby, the co-founder and CTO of Bromium, introduces Bromium Advanced Endpoint Security, a game-changing product that integrates endpoint threat isolation, threat analysis and continuous host monitoring capabilities. Bromium Advanced Endpoint Security enables organizations to protect, detect and respond to targeted attacks, zero-day threats and attempted breaches in real time.

Learn the features and benefits of Bromium Advanced Endpoint Security:

  • Proactive endpoint protection across the enterprise
  • Sophisticated detection to eliminate security gaps
  • Real-time analysis and introspection
  • Avoidance of time-consuming and costly remediation
  • Optimization for Windows 10

RSA 2016: State of Security

Clinton Karr, a senior security strategist at Bromium, presents the results of a recent survey report, “RSA Conference 2016: State of Security.” This survey of RSA attendees is designed to identify attitudes, opinions, statistics and trends unique to the security industry.

Learn about survey results, including:

  • The source of your organization’s greatest security risk
  • Windows 10 deployment plans
  • The importance of prevention in a cyber security architecture

Endpoint Exploitation Trends 2015

Rahul Kashyap, the EVP and chief security officer of Bromium, reviews Bromium’s latest threat report.

Learn how:

  • Vulnerabilities and exploits spiked in 2015
  • Malvertising is ubiquitous
  • Macro malware makes a resurgence
  • Angler is the most popular exploit kit
  • Ransomware doubled in 2015

Protecting Government Agencies From Advanced Cyber Attacks

Government agencies are under siege as a top attack target for cybercriminals. Despite the enormous efforts employed by the U.S. government with legacy detection-based tools, organizations are easily compromised. Simon Crosby, the co-founder and CTO of Bromium, and Robert Bigman, the former CISO of the CIA, discuss how to protect your agency against the changing threat landscape.


  • How advanced malware and zero-days are evading traditional government defenses
  • What you can do to shrink the #1 attack surface and eliminate endpoint breaches
  • How to move from a costly and time-consuming reactive approach to a preventative approach

A Conversation with Roland Cloutier, CSO of ADP

Roland Cloutier, the CSO of ADP and one of the “Most Influential People in Security” according to Security Magazine, discusses the top CISO priorities and concerns and his decision to deploy Bromium to prevent data breaches at ADP. 

In this Q&A discussion, Mr. Cloutier shares his perspective on:

  • Top priorities for CISOs
  • Top concerns that keep CISOs up at night
  • How to protect your enterprise from advanced cyber attacks in a mobile and cloud era
  • Where to put your next security dollar
  • How ADP moved to a protect-first approach to security using micro-virtualization
  • How ADP deployed Bromium at mass scale to prevent breaches rather than react to them

Keep Calm and Avoid the IE Upgrade Panic

As of January 2016, Microsoft will end support, including security updates, for versions of Internet Explorer (IE) other than IE11. Meeting the deadline for upgrading will be a logistical challenge for many enterprises with critical web applications that require earlier versions of IE, which will become an open door to security risk. Manish Kalia, the SVP of product management at Bromium, and Fareed Bukhari, Bromium product marketing, examine the implications of Microsoft's decision.


  • What legacy IE users can do to prevent attackers from bypassing existing defenses
  • How micro-virtualization can protect unsupported browsers from being compromised
  • How you can protect your organization from attacks targeting unprotected software

The Future of AV

Bill Gardner, a senior director of products at Bromium, examines the future of AV technology and discusses what can be done to prevent breaches today. Bromium's unique approach to endpoint security through isolation delivers both protection and visibility against the latest attacks and enables organizations of all types to avoid becoming the latest in a growing list of data breach statistics. 

This webinar examines the following topics:

  • Do you still need AV?
  • What is the best path forward for AV?
  • What you can do today to protect against file based malware and prevent breaches?

How Malware Is Evading Your Current Defenses

Bromium’s unique approach to endpoint security through isolation delivers both protection against and visibility into the latest attacks, enabling organizations from joining a growing list of data breach statistics.

Bill Gartner, a senior director of products at Bromium, examines these attacks and explores the following questions:

  • How are attackers bypassing your existing defenses?
  • What techniques are being used most often?
  • How can you protect your organization against these new forms of attack?

Bromium and Microsoft: The World’s Most Secure PC

On July 20, 2015, Bromium announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft. Microsoft is endorsing Bromium micro-virtualization as a powerful tool to protect endpoints, and is aligning with Bromium in adopting a security architecture based on isolating critical information on the endpoint in Windows 10.  The combination of Bromium and Windows 10 results in the most secure PC available today. This on-demand webinar features Simon Crosby, the co-founder and CTO of Bromium, and Chris Hallum, a senior product manager at Microsoft.

Learn how:

  • Microsoft and Bromium deliver the industry's most secure endpoint
  • Windows 10 will raise the bar on security and deliver the most secure version of Windows ever
  • Bromium secures existing and future Windows systems and delivers unmatched threat intelligence

Endpoint Exploitation Trends 1H 2015

Rahul Kashyap, the EVP and Chief Security Architect of Bromium, presents the Bromium Labs Team’s threat report.

Key findings include:

  • How malware writers are constantly “upgrading” their code to evade the latest detection technologies
  • How attackers are leveraging encryption technologies like TOR to hide communication channels
  • How the top ransomware families have evolved in the last six months to evade defenses

Why You Are Getting Breached and How to Stop It

Bromium and Kevin Tolly, the founder and CEO of The Tolly Group, provide valuable insights into the current challenges of preventing breaches and protecting your endpoints.


  • The challenges of the current endpoint security landscape
  • Trends in endpoint security strategies, solutions and concerns
  • The impact of micro-virtualization on security

Living in the Bull's-Eye

It’s a dangerous time for everyone, but those responsible for securing financial services and other highly targeted enterprises are in the bull's-eye. Bromium and Ken Pfeil,  the CISO of Pioneer Investments,  discuss the challenges and opportunities of securing a leading global financial services company from cyber-attacks.


  • How a leading enterprise is preventing breaches
  • How to get actionable and accurate threat intelligence versus a flurry of false alerts
  • How to dramatically reduce the churn in your organization that typically comes from urgent patching and never-ending remediation

Changing the Economics of Security

Simon Crosby, the co-founder and CTO of Bromium, explores how to change the economic equation of enterprise security while minimizing risk in the new information economy.


  • How to embrace and profit from new computing trends while minimizing risk
  • How to transform the security organization into a strategic corporate resource
  • How to maximize the return on your organization's security investment

The Tip of the Spear: Defeating Spear-Phishing

Spear-phishing seems to be the favored attack du jour for cybercriminals, such as FIN4, these days.  Sony, Home Depot, Target…Why?  It works.  Traditional defenses can’t stop them – firewalls, IPS, gateways, anti-virus.

What if there was a technology that could actually stop a spear-phishing attack, leaving you worry-free about what your users might click on next?


  • Why cybercriminals are ramping up their spear-phishing attacks
  • The most common methods used in these attacks to ‘get the click’
  • A revolutionary new approach that can actually counter these attacks and secure both your endpoint and your network