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Solution Briefs

Bromium Device and Policy Management

Enterprises need to protect their assets, their infrastructure, their user devices, their servers and their intellectual property from external attacks and insider abuse. They must also prevent busy, fallible users from causing harm to themselves. Despite eternal vigilance and continuous training, everyday users continue to be their own worst enemies, their organization’s biggest risk, and the most prevalent source of confirmed data breaches.

Bromium Self-Defending Endpoints

Your network is under constant attack. Every day it faces new threats that pose a clear and present danger to your organization. Fighting off these threats drains your resources, with little or no guarantee of long-term success.

Bromium Sensor Network

Polymorphic malware is so prevalent nowadays that it’s estimated that 97 percent of malware is unique to the endpoint.

Bromium Threat Feeds

Enterprises need a steady stream of timely and accurate threat intelligence regarding real-world malicious intrusions and attempts into their networks. Ideally they need this information in advance of a breach, and cannot rely solely on post-compromise forensics to continuously maintain and improve their defenses. Unfortunately, pre-breach targeted intelligence is simply not a capability found in most organizations today, even among purported security leaders.

Securing Legacy Applications with Bromium Application Isolation and Control

Virtualization has long fulfilled its primary function of isolating inbound threats for common attack vectors—including web browsing, accessing email links and attachments, and sharing documents via USB devices. It’s ability to be used to isolate devastating threats like polymorphic malware, zero-day and nation-state attacks is proven. But what about applications — especially those that are legacy — that present a significant risk to security but can’t be turned off? We have good news. Now Bromium can be extended to support a wider-range of applications and protect against threats that are unique to your business processes. 

Bromium Secure Platform and ForeScout CounterACT Integration

Preventing conventional threats and zeroday attacks from targeting enterprise endpoints through web, email, or USB, whether they are on or off the corporate network, is key to any enterprise defense.