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Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Security Reports

Endpoint Exploitation Trends 1H 2015

In this research report, Bromium analyzes the ongoing security risk of popular websites and software. The report highlights that more than 50 percent of malvertising is unknowingly hosted on news and entertainment websites, Flash exploits have increased 60 percent in the past six months, and the growth of ransomware families has doubled each year since 2013.

Understanding Crypto-Ransomware

Crypto-ransomware, including variants CryptoLocker and CryptoWall, shows no sign of abating since traditional detection-based security, such as antivirus, is ineffective at stopping this threat. Crypto-ransomware encrypts files, locking them from user access, until a ransom is paid. In this report, Bromium dissects nearly 30 samples of ransomware, revealing the increasing sophisticated tactics being used.

Optimized Mal-Ops: Hack the Ad Networks like a Boss

From an attacker’s perspective, ad networks are no different and may even be better than exploit kits. They are viable candidates as the next primary attack vector. An in-depth analysis of malicious Web ads reveals the various possibilities to leverage them to spread malware and how legacy security technologies are ineffective against these attacks.