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Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Security Data Sheets

Data Sheets

Bromium Advanced Endpoint Security

Integrates endpoint threat isolation, threat analysis and continuous host monitoring to enable organizations to protect, detect and respond to targeted attacks, zero-day threats and breaches in real time.

Bromium Endpoint Protection

Utilizes micro-virtualization to hardware isolate untrusted execution of websites, email, files, documents, file sharing, USB and executables, delivering endpoint protection from zero-day attacks and advanced persistent threats, even on unpatched machines and untrusted networks.

Bromium Endpoint Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of all endpoint sensors whether online or offline to detect attacks in real time, providing instant visibility. Attack forensic data is streamed to the SOC for analysis.

Bromium Threat Analysis

Leverages real-time events from all endpoints, correlated with global threat intelligence from a Bromium-operated threat cloud, to deliver forensic detail for each attack. Delivers a continuous feed of known-bad and Bromium-detected IOCs to all endpoints, enhancing the ability to detect malicious activity.

Bromium Enterprise Controller

High-performance, central-management server that delivers ease of deployment and management, as well as complete control and visibility of the endpoint security environment protected by Bromium.

Partner Solution Briefs

Bromium-Palo Alto Networks Solution Brief

The combination of Bromium and Palo Alto Networks enables organizations to leverage threat intelligence from Bromium to enhance protection on the network.

Bromium vSentry and ForeScout CounterACT Integration Solution Brief

The combination of Bromium and ForeScout supports identification and remediation of compromised endpoints not protected by Bromium.