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Bromium Secure Platform

The Bromium Secure Platform is an advanced security solution that delivers
enterprise protection and visibility with minimal user impact and low resource
overhead, isolating host-based threats.

Bromium Secure Browsing

Backlisting websites by reputation is a no-win proposition, as no vendor can possibly
keep up with the volume of new malicious domains, compounded by the constant
stream of new browser exploits. The industry is always playing catchup, yet still
falling behind. The breaches keep coming, seemingly without end.

Bromium Secure Files

Today’s enterprises are constantly bombarded with malicious files—
ransomware, keystroke loggers, remote access Trojans, and more—all
designed to hold your data hostage or steal your intellectual property or
proprietary information. Attackers use multiple attack vectors—including web,
email, and USB—to gain a foothold on one PC with the aim of compromising
your network, spying on users, or stealing critical information.

Bromium Secure Monitoring

Security teams need real-time endpoint visibility to ensure overall enterprise security.
Bromium Secure Monitoring, part of the Bromium Secure Platform, delivers real-time
alerts with complete forensic intelligence for each attack. It delivers key features to
the enterprise that turn the tables on attackers and eliminate breaches

Bromium & HP Secure Deployment Bundles

WannaCry proved how ineffective detection-based security controls are at stopping threats. In 2016, global spending on security exceeded $80 billion. Even with all this spending and effort, cybercriminal activity cost over $3 trillion.