Resources for Application Isolation Success

Bromium helps hundreds of organizations across every industry stop attacks that slip past other defenses. Whether you’re an application isolation convert, or you are just getting started, Bromium has a wealth of resources to help you succeed.

Case Study
Bromium Helps Protect Moffitt Cancer Center’s Computer Networks
A case study featuring Moffitt’s implementation of Bromium to protect radiology machines and improve productivity

Case Study
Mosaic Lets Users Click with Confidence
This case study shows how Mosaic was able to achieve zero breaches on all Bromium-protected devices.

Case Study
State and Local Government Organization Improves User Productivity After Securing their Endpoints with Bromium
This case study is based on a TechValidate survey of a state & local government organization.

Case Study
Top Financial Services Provider Foregoes Detection for Isolation
A case study of a large financial institution foregoing detecting in favor of application isolation.

Case Study
ADP Chooses Bromium to Secure Mobile Workforce and Save on Security Costs
This case study highlights how Bromium helped ADP protect their assets from inbound threats.

Case Study
Masonicare Corporation Implements Bromium to Improve SOC Team Productivity
A case study based on a TechValidate survey of Masonicare highlighting the benefits of using Bromium.

Case Study
National Membership Organization Changes Security Strategy using Bromium
A case study based on a TechValidate survey of a National Membership Organization.

Case Study
INTERPOL Washington Selects Bromium to Ensure Maximum Protection for Sensitive Information
INTERPOL Washington uses all of Bromium capabilities to secure their people and assets.

Case Study
Mosaic: Bromium’s Complete Endpoint Security Elevates Risk Posture
Mosaic uses Bromium to protect their endpoints and for threat investigation and analysis.

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