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Resources for Application Isolation Success

Bromium helps hundreds of organizations across every industry stop attacks that slip past other defenses. Whether you’re an application isolation convert, or you are just getting started, Bromium has a wealth of resources to help you succeed.

Case Study
Mosaic Lets Users Click with Confidence
This case study shows how Mosaic was able to achieve zero breaches on all Bromium-protected devices.

Bromium Advanced Endpoint Security
Learn why detection fails and how Bromium provides enterprise-grade security through application isolation.

Making ransomware irrelevant
Michael Charland, security officer at Masonicare, discusses how top security professionals are dealing with ransomware.

Changing the economics of security
Learn how you can change the economic equation of enterprise security while minimizing the risk.

A Conversation with Roland Cloutier, CSO of ADP
Roland Cloutier from ADP discusses CISO’s top priorities and shares his experience implementing Bromium.

Case Study
State and Local Government Organization Improves User Productivity After Securing their Endpoints with Bromium
This case study is based on a TechValidate survey of a state & local government organization.

Technical Brief
Email Attachments
Bromium opens each email attachment in an isolated micro-VM – malware’s contained and can’t harm the host.

Solution Brief
Unprotected networks
This solution brief shows you how you can let your users roam on any network, with no risk of a breach.

Technical Brief
With isolation, you can let your employees safely click on any link, even if it contains malicious phishing.

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