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Army of Enterprise Endpoints Kills Malware & Prevents Breaches

2018-03-26T14:33:01+00:00 March 22nd, 2018|

Anyone who takes security seriously has come to terms with the fact that detect, respond, recover just aren’t working anymore. It’s time for a game changer – a way to stop worrying about all the attacks that threaten browsers, email, and application downloads. The trick is to contain the malware and prevented from taking hold. [...]

Securing the modern endpoint

2018-03-26T14:30:19+00:00 March 22nd, 2018|

The SANS Maturity Model for Endpoint Security helps you improve your security posture based on growth and your organization’s level of sophistication. It’s a proven path to cyber resilience.

A Conversation with Roland Cloutier, CSO of ADP

2018-03-26T14:29:21+00:00 March 22nd, 2018|

Roland Cloutier, CSO at ADP and one of the “Most Influential People in Security” according to Security Magazine, discusses the top CISO priorities and his decision to deploy Bromium to prevent data breaches. In this Q&A discussion, Mr. Cloutier shares his perspective on the CISOs’ top concerns, how to protect your enterprise from advanced cyber [...]

Changing the economics of security

2018-03-26T14:28:24+00:00 March 22nd, 2018|

Simon Crosby, co-founder of Bromium, discusses how we can change the economic equation of enterprise security. Learn how to embrace and profit from new computing trends while minimizing risk, how to transform the security organization into a strategic corporate resource, and how to maximize the return on your organization's security investment.

Making ransomware irrelevant

2018-03-26T14:27:33+00:00 March 22nd, 2018|

Michael Charland, security officer at Masonicare, discusses how top security professionals are dealing with the rise of advanced cyber attacks and how he transformed his company’s security to prevent breaches. Learn about: security trends in today’s market, why ransomware is one of the biggest security threats, why many “next-gen” approaches are flawed, why Masonicare decided [...]

IDC. Frank Dickson: Validating the unknown – 2018 cybersecurity strategies

2018-03-26T14:26:10+00:00 March 22nd, 2018|

IDC looks at alternatives to detect-to-protect security, including application isolation. Find out why detection can't stop today’s malware. See how “validating the known” can secure your corporate assets. Review innovative solutions to end the game of cat-and-mouse, including application isolation.

14 core capabilities for thwarting cybercrime

2018-04-11T08:49:24+00:00 March 22nd, 2018|

Nicolas Chaillan, former cybersecurity architect for Homeland Security and Cyber.gov, has put together the gold standard for cybersecurity in the public sector that also works for the corporate world.

The perimeter is shrinking

2018-03-26T14:24:27+00:00 March 22nd, 2018|

This on-demand webinar shows you how Bromium isolates application with virtualization-based security. You will learn about why isolation is important, how it protects your intellectual property, and see the Bromium solution in action.

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