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Resources for Application Isolation Success

Bromium helps hundreds of organizations across every industry stop attacks that slip past other defenses. Whether you’re an application isolation convert, or you are just getting started, Bromium has a wealth of resources to help you succeed.

Case Study

Bromium Helps Protect Moffitt Cancer Center’s Computer Networks
A case study featuring Moffitt’s implementation of Bromium to protect radiology machines and improve productivity


How Cybercriminals Spend their Money: Infographic
An independent academic study looks into how much money cybercriminals are earning and what they spend it on.

Data Sheet

Bromium Secure Platform Version 4.1 – New Features
Bromium Secure Platform 4.1 elevates Bromium’s security presence with greater browser freedom and quicker time-to-value.


What’s New in Bromium Secure Platform, Version 4.1
Discover the new features and deployment options in Bromium Secure Platform, Version 4.1


Webinar: Presenting the Findings from the Web of Profit Research
Dr. Mike McGuire presents his findings on how much money cybercriminals are earning and what they spend it on.

Solution Brief

Defense-Grade Security: When Failure Is Not An Option
Bromium provides a security solution for government agencies that demand perfect endpoint security.


Into The Web of Profit
An in-depth study of cybercrime, criminals and money. Researched and written by Dr. Mike McGuire
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How to Write Malware that Evades Detection
Alissa Torres and Adrian Taylor look at common malware obfuscation techniques that are used to evade detection

See Bromium in Action

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