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Did You Have Ransomware Served to You Via Skype?

  • News breaking today that Skype users are being targeted by ransomware.
  • Cybercriminals use Adobe Flash to get the job done.
  • Bromium protects you from this kind of nonsense.

It’s so hard to know when something can be trusted. And those of us who are just trying to get our jobs done using regular business tools are most often the target. I know: I am an end user who clicks on lots of stuff. And I used to be very worried about ransomware.

This is what a virtual machine looks like.

Now that I have Bromium on my machine (a perk of working here – but it’s also available in beta very shortly – sign up here), I don’t worry about ransomware or threats. There’s no anti-virus on my Windows machine. That’s because Bromium runs everything in a micro-VM: a tiny virtual machine that isolates every task I’m doing and keeps whatever happens from contaminating my computer.

I think of it as “mom-proof”. That means, even my mom could use Bromium and not need a ton of daughter-provided tech support. I can let her run amok knowing she’s safe. All she has to do is close the micro-VM and she’s protected. The malware can no longer run.

Watch how ransomware is stopped in 90 seconds.

We’ve talked about end users being one of the biggest threats to enterprise security, but blaming us isn’t going to solve the problem. There’s no way we can know what’s safe and what isn’t: especially when the criminals work so hard to confuse us with fake resumes, invoices, subpoenas, tax notices, FedEx delivery receipts and more. Nope, we’re going to click.

But with Bromium, we can click with confidence because the task is isolated. And that means any bad ads that happen to be on Skype – or anywhere else for that matter – won’t work.

Get Bromium. Get back to work. Do your job without worry.


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