Defense-grade Security

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APPLICATION ISOLATION & CONTAINMENT Defense-grade security delivers true protection BROMIUM STOPS ATTACKS THAT SLIP THROUGH EXISTING SECURITY SOLUTIONS Bromium application isolation is the last line of defense when other endpoint security solutions fail. Protect your most vulnerable vectors: email file attachments, executables, email links, and browser downloads. [...]

Uncategorized Websites

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SAFELY VISIT UNCATEGORIZED WEBSITES Give users full access to the web BROMIUM STOPS WEB-BORNE THREATS THAT EVADE OTHER SOLUTIONS Many websites are now encrypted, but malware still finds a way to get through, outsmarting encryption and skirting layered defenses. Categorization is not much help either – categories are [...]

Unprotected Networks

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UNPROTECTED NETWORKS Allow remote and traveling employees to safely access unprotected networks BROMIUM STOPS MALWARE THAT SLIPS THROUGH EXISTING DEFENSES Modern workers must often go online using unsecured public networks. Requiring remote users to connect to a VPN won’t solve the security challenge – VPN offers no protection [...]

Downloads & Executables

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DOWNLOADED DOCUMENTS AND EXECUTABLE FILES Automatically protect all web downloads BROMIUM STOPS DOWNLOADED THREATS THAT EVADE OTHER SOLUTIONS The Bromium Secure Platform stops attacks and protects your endpoints using virtualization-based security. Every time a user opens a web page, downloads a file, or clicks on an email link, [...]

Phishing Links

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CONTAIN PHISHING ATTACKS Safely open any shared link BROMIUM CATCHES PHISHING LINK THREATS THAT OTHERS MISS Phishing attacks are constantly evolving and take different forms. They are particularly effective, because employees need to click on links to do their work and social engineering makes phishing links difficult to [...]

Email Attachments

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Protect EMAIL attachments Safely open any email attachment BROMIUM STOPS EMAIL THREATS THAT OTHER SOLUTIONS MISS Employees must open email attachments to do their jobs. Cybercriminals know this, and have devised cunning ways to trick users into opening malicious attachments, bypassing layered defenses. [...]

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