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Bromium Secure Platform

Virtualization-Based Security Platform Stops Attacks That Other Solutions Don’t

The Bromium Secure Platform protects you from threats by isolating user tasks, such as email attachments, links, and downloads, inside protected micro-virtual machines — a separate VM for each task. If malware is delivered, it can’t escape. Users can click with confidence.

Isolate Threats, Stop Breaches

  • Protect your intellectual property, customer data, people, and your brand
  • Reduce your threat surface and protect endpoints with hardware-based security
  • Endpoints remain protected while native application performance and usability are unaffected
  • Breachless Threat Alerts™ show full kill-chain analysis
  • No malware escape has ever been reported by our customers

Bromium stops the advanced attacks that were slipping by other technologies.

Chief Technology Officer, Global 500 Professional Services Company

The Bromium Secure Platform

The Bromium Secure Platform stops attacks in real time, protecting your organization from threats, and eliminating the cycle of chasing false alerts, emergency patching, and remediation. The platform consists of three components:

  • Bromium Secure Browsing – Stops web-borne threats with support for Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. Each browser tab runs in its own secure container, completely isolating web threats from the host so that they have no place to go. When the browser tab is closed, the threat is terminated along with the micro-VM.
  • Bromium Secure Files – Hardware-isolates Microsoft Office documents and PDFs from the desktop operating system. If a malicious document is saved via an ingress application, such as Skype or email, even USB, it is hardware-isolated in a micro-VM. 
  • Bromium Secure Monitoring – Monitors the user execution space for malicious activity. Malicious files can be quarantined and automatically removed from all network locations.The SOC receives Breachless Threat Alerts™ and can use Bromium threat intelligence to quickly triage and search for indicators of compromise and indicators of attack.

See Bromium in Action

Put an end to malware and attacks once and for all. Request a demo of the Bromium Secure Platform to learn how Bromium uses virtualization-based security to isolate applications and stop threats. Complete the form to request a demo.

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