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Hardware-enforced Application Isolation

Bromium protects you from threats by isolating user tasks, such as email attachments, links, and downloads, inside protected micro-virtual machines — a separate VM for each task. If malware is delivered, it can’t escape.


Bromium’s patented application isolation technology uses virtualization-based security to contain threats using individual, disposable micro-virtual machines — dramatically decreasing attack surfaces, while exposing suspicious and malicious activity for further analysis.

Bromium Secure Platform

The Bromium Secure Platform is an advanced endpoint security solution that delivers enterprise protection and visibility against key attack vectors with minimal user impact and low resource overhead.

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Virtualization-based Security

Bromium micro-virtualization technology uses a purpose-built Xen-based security-focused Hypervisor we call the Bromium Microvisor. We take advantage of the hardware features that are built into Intel®, AMD® CPUs to run each task in a single-use hardware-isolated container.

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Bromium Protected App

Protect your most critical applications against compromised devices with Bromium Protected App. Establish robust, end-to-end protections around your sensitive data, including your IP, high-value assets, and more.

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Rapid Deployment & ROI

Bromium’s proven implementation model helps ensure deployment success and fast ROI for all our customers. Hundreds of global organizations are using Bromium’s hardware-enforced containerization to substantially reduce risk of security incidents.

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Bromium stops the advanced attacks that were slipping by other technologies.

Chief Technology Officer, Global 500 Professional Services Company

See Bromium in Action

Put an end to malware and attacks once and for all. Request a demo of the Bromium Secure Platform to learn how Bromium uses virtualization-based security to isolate applications and stop threats. Complete the form to request a demo.

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