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Nicolas Chaillan cybersecurity architect shares his recommendations.

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Nicolas Chaillan Cyber Architect Lays Out the Ideal Security Stack [on-demand webinar]

  • Get 2018 Security Advice from a cybersecurity expert!
  • Nicolas Chaillan was hired by Homeland Security to design the ultimate security stack to protect the U.S. government.
  • He created an architecture that works for both the public sector and commercial business.
  • His set of Core Competencies will help you build the right solution for today and as your grow.

Hear Nicolas Chaillan, a global cybersecurity expert who most recently served as Special Advisor for Cybersecurity and Chief Architect for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, share the work he recently completed at the agency. There, he was responsible for putting together the “ultimate” security stack recommendation for the U.S. government. Amazingly, when he developed the plan, he did so making sure it works for both the public and private sector.

View the on-demand webinar

Download the 2018 Cybersecurity Guide that accompanies this presentation.

As we’ve learned from the Intel chip vulnerability, cybersecurity requires a complicated, multi-layered strategy that impacts all aspects of the business, including end users. It’s only mid-January and we are already hustling to remediate a problem that’s actually existed for decades. For kicks, we took a look at the prediction blogs. Guess what, they might be right.

  • CSO Online: Predicts “trust will be a casualty of the war on cyber crime.”
  • A prediction from Gartner that’s rather chilling – “Through 2021, AI-driven creation of “counterfeit reality,” or fake content, will outpace AI’s ability to detect it, fomenting digital distrust.”
  • CXO: “The rise in high-profile cyberattacks in 2017 has led many organizations to reconsider how they are allocating their security budget in 2018. WhilNicolas Chaillan Cybersecurity Architect to Speak at Webinare much of the IT department is feeling the need to do more with less, the percentage of budget that is allotted to security is continuing to grow.”
  • “A hoard of locusts will control systems daily.”

And maybe our favorite…

  • “Containers made a splash in 2017 and promise to gain more ground in 2018. Containers represent the next evolution of Virtual Machines (VM) by compartmentalizing the application, dependencies, program libraries and configuration files into a portable medium that does not requires the containers to include a complete operating system.”

Predictions being what they are, an educated guess, Nicolas didn’t want to be encumbered with a lot of opinions. Instead, with a clean slate, Nicolas stripped away the complexity, studied the research and based on his expertise, he developed a set of Core Capabilities that deliver sophisticated security; designed so you can crawl, walk and then run based on your organization’s security needs. Not surprising, containers – or virtualization-based security – has a role in his security stack strategy. This is information that’s essential if you’re looking for what’s next to protect your company or agency.

Listen to this presentation to learn:

  • Why attacks are becoming more sophisticated thereby driving the need a change
  • The Core Capabilities every organization should implement as part of their security stack (you don’t have to write them down, we will send them to you as well!)
  • How to reduce risk and protect intellectual property using network and application segmentation

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