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Bromium Labs

Bromium Labs is dedicated to advancing the “state of the art” of information security by performing advanced research into current and future security threats.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

The Bromium Labs team of security analysts has extensive experience in building innovative technologies to counter and defend against advanced attacks. Our analysts are actively involved in cutting edge security research and forensics and are engaged with the security, academic and developer communities worldwide. Bromium Labs researchers regularly speak at security conferences, publish various whitepapers and blog about interesting topics intersecting security, virtualization and advanced threats.

Attack Insights

Attack Insights is where Bromium researchers work continuously to provide you with a way to visualize the structure and behavior of ever-changing malware attacks. This unique malware visualization, which is based on real malware attack data captured by Bromium Threat Analysis, enables you to understand the overall behavior of an attack. This can be valuable in prioritizing additional detailed research efforts, and in helping you to ensure your organization is better prepared to protect against similar attacks in the future.

Below are visualization samples of selected malware attacks, which we will continually update as additional attack information is gathered. This information is intended to introduce you to the capabilities of malware visualization, and provide examples of tips, tricks and best practices for using malware visualization techniques in your analysis efforts.