Blog Introducing Bromium Protected App®: Protect Critical Applications Against Compromised Devices

Introducing Bromium Protected App®: Protect Critical Applications Against Compromised Devices

July 31, 2018 Category: Protected App By: Kimberly Becan Comments: 0

Introducing Bromium Protected App®: Protect Critical Applications Against Compromised Devices

  • Protected App locks down access to and from your sensitive data, keeping it secure even if networks and host PCs have been compromised
  • Using hardware-enforced virtualization-based security, Bromium Protected App protects against threats such as keylogging, screen capture, memory tampering, and man-in-the-middle attacks
  • IT and Application teams can rest assured the companies most sensitive data is air gapped from the endpoint device and the corporate network

Security for assets you can’t afford to lose

Securing entire enterprise networks and all user endpoints is essential, but every organization has a number of critical applications and IP that they simply can’t afford to risk. These are the applications that support the most critical transactions for your business, documents containing vital trade secrets, proprietary IP, sensitive customer data, and other indispensable information, that if compromised, could result in disastrous consequences for the company.

Enterprises have been trying to add extra protection for these assets by implementing segmented networks, separate from other networks and applications, and issuing second PCs to a limited number of designated users with strictly restricted access rules. For the user, the two-PC system creates major disruptions in workflows, usability, and ultimately, productivity.

Two physical machines, two keyboards, two monitors, restricted access, not to mention the added expense of purchasing and maintaining multiple devices, are hardly an ideal approach for a modern enterprise that requires speed and agility to innovate and grow.

Relying on Remote Desktop and VDI to give employees and contractors access to critical applications has also proven ineffective – today’s sophisticated cybercriminals specifically target Remote Desktop and VDI gateways knowing that breaching them will lead them straight to the highest-value corporate services.

Build an Air Gap Around Your Most Sensitive Applications

Introducing Bromium Protected App®, the new approach to securing enterprise assets in the age when you can’t always trust your networks and devices. Bromium Protected App uses hardware-enforced virtualization on the endpoint, below the OS, ensuring total isolation for applications from the operating system while safeguarding their secure connection to the server.

Protected App builds an air gap around the application on the endpoint, allowing employees to access sensitive systems without the need for a second PC. Users can work seamlessly between their endpoint and a secure application, performing all tasks on a single PC.

It’s like having two PCs in one, both housed in the same box, using the same screen, keyboard, but completely isolated from one another, down to the hardware level. Employees enjoy a familiar experience of working on a single physical machine, starting and running Protected App like any other Windows application while the connection to the sensitive data and IP is running completely isolated in a micro-VM, which the host OS cannot see. Even if the network has been breached and the host PC is compromised, there’s no risk to the protected application and the data it contains.

Learn More About Bromium Protected App

Learn more about Bromium Protected App on our website, or download the solution brief and data sheet.

Request a demo: We would be happy to show you how you can address critical security threats and build strong safeguards around sensitive applications and data without disrupting user workflows.

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