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Retailers Need to Defend Their Customers and Their Brand

Some of the most highly publicized breaches have occurred in the retail sector. When retailers are breached, their brand and reputation are on the line. And the repercussions are felt not only by retailers, but also their suppliers, their partners and above all their customers.

Economic pressures have driven retailers to embrace new technologies to engage customers and build loyalty. Online shopping, point-of-sale (POS) kiosks and mobile apps help retailers stay competitive, but they also provide cybercriminals with more doorways into systems, which house a treasure trove of valuable information, including customer credit card data. Today’s retailers need a better way to protect vital customer data and stay out of the headlines.

“The financial and reputational damage that can be inflicted on a retailer by a major security breach can be so severe, and so destructive, as to approach the damage a commercial airline might suffer from a serious accident.”

John Kindervag, Forrester Research

Challenges: Why Traditional Security Measures Fail

  • New technologies are new threat vectors
    E-commerce sites, mobile apps, self-service portals, POS systems and self-checkout systems within stores create new opportunities for cybercriminals to target sensitive customer data.
  • Spear phishing is on the rise
    Sophisticated social engineering campaigns use email, social media, and more to trick retail employees into revealing useful information or clicking on malicious URLs.
  • Sophisticated multi-stage attacks are the norm
    Cybercriminals are using readily available crimeware, such as RAM scrapers and keyloggers, to orchestrate complex attacks.
  • IT is drowning in a sea of alerts
    While IT tries to keep up with a proliferation of endpoints, security patching, remediation and false alerts, modern threats can slip by unnoticed and result in serious breaches.

Bromium Prevents Breaches

Bromium’s revolutionary isolation approach is far more effective than traditional detection-based solutions like antivirus, whitelisting and Web gateways. Here’s why Bromium’s technology can help retail businesses protect their brand and offer a better and safer shopping experience.

  • Protect data and IP
    Our breakthrough isolation technology creates a disposable micro-virtual machine for vulnerable operations, like Web browsing or opening documents or attachments. Tasks are isolated from the host system, so there’s no need for detection or behavioral analysis—and the possibility of compromise is eliminated. If malware is on the website or in the document, it is contained in our micro-virtual machine, and it is discarded when the task or session is complete, so your endpoint, your network and your infrastructure are not compromised.
  • Click on anything
    All users in the retail ecosystem need to have the flexibility to use the latest tools and devices and require safe access to email and the Web. With Bromium, they can access the Web and work from any location—in the office or on the road. And they never have to worry about the security or the privacy of customer records.
  • Streamline security
    IT professionals in the retail sector are barraged by alerts and find that it’s a challenge to distinguish false alerts from real threats. Bromium virtually eliminates compromises on endpoints and reduces the need for patching and remediation, freeing up IT for more strategic projects.

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