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Technology Companies Are Under Constant Attack

The technology industry is a magnet for persistent cybercriminals and nation-states—and no one in that sector is immune, not even the most sophisticated, high-profile companies. Because technology companies drive the global economy, their information is attractive to competitors, cybercriminals and nation-states. Technology companies are barraged with sophisticated customized attacks that target intellectual property (IP) and the data on the billions of customers they serve. Politically motivated attackers also exploit technology companies as a way to infiltrate government and defense organizations.

“The high-tech sector is often ground zero for cyber attacks. One obvious reason is that these organizations have very valuable information to be stolen.”


Challenges: Why Traditional Security Measures Fail

  • Spear-phishing attacks take aim at employees
    Customized, well-researched phishing campaigns often enable cybercriminals to gain access to endpoints, which can open the door to the corporate network.
  • Innovative cybercriminals go after innovative companies
    Well-funded, highly trained attackers who want to obtain source code, patents, marketing strategies and other IP deploy unique, evolving threats, making detection nearly impossible.
  • High-tech companies are a launch pad for cyber espionage and hactivism
    Rival nation-states and protesters exploit the close connection that technology companies have with governments and the defense industry.
  • Technology companies take more risks
    Technology companies have a large attack surface because they encourage employees to adopt the latest devices and apps and support an open culture that promotes collaboration and idea sharing.
  • IT is challenged to keep up
    IT is constantly monitoring a growing population of endpoints that are subjected to rapidly evolving threats. Additionally, an unending workload of system remediations and patching intensifies the pressure.

Bromium Prevents Breaches

Bromium’s revolutionary isolation approach is far more effective than traditional detection-based solutions like antivirus, whitelisting and Web gateways. Here’s how Bromium can help high-technology companies defend their valuable assets and prevent cybercriminals and nation-states from gaining access to their systems.

  • Protect data and IP
    Our breakthrough isolation technology creates a disposable micro-virtual machine for vulnerable operations, like Web browsing or opening documents and attachments. Tasks are isolated from the host system, so there’s no need for detection or behavioral analysis—and the possibility of compromise is eliminated. If malware is on the website or in the document, it is contained in our micro-virtual machine, and discarded when the task or session is complete, so your endpoint, your network and your infrastructure are not compromised.
  • Click on anything
    Technology professionals want to use cutting-edge tools and devices with secure anytime, anywhere access to email and the Web. With Bromium, they can go online and work from any location—in the office or on the road. And they never have to worry about the security or the privacy of their company’s IP or customer data.
  • Streamline security
    IT professionals in technology are overwhelmed by alerts and often have a hard time differentiating false alerts from real threats. Bromium eliminates false alerts. And Bromium virtually eliminates compromises on endpoints and reduces the need for patching and remediation, freeing up IT for other projects.

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