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Bromium protects critical Public Sector data from being stolen via cyber-attacks that take advantage of software vulnerabilities, we do this by empowering end users to confidently work without restrictions.

Governments Under Attack: Change the Game to One You Can Win

The US government experienced 77,183 cyber-security incidents in 2015, 10% more than the previous year. Governments all over the world are continually under threat of complex, sophisticated attacks launched by rival nation-states, terrorist groups, hactivists and profit-motivated criminals. Even risky behaviors by well-meaning employees who are just doing their jobs can trigger high-severity security incidents. This wave of attacks, which includes ransomware, massive data exfiltration and cyber espionage, shows no signs of letting up. The effects of these events trickle down to everyone—from the military to government contractors to citizens. These security incidents may lead to unauthorized disclosure, modification and destruction of sensitive data and could also lead to critical infrastructure disruptions. Attacks like these could jeopardize national security and undermine public safety.


Cyber-Espionage, Privilege Misuse and Miscellaneous Errors represent 81% of breaches within Public Administration

Source: 2017 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report

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Bromium delivers virtualization-based security via hardware enforced isolation technology to reduce the overall attack surface. Threats are completely isolated and allowed to execute in a secure enclave so that customer no longer have to worry about the impact of malware or zero-day vulnerabilities.

For those who are serious about security, they understand current security solutions are not stopping advanced threats. Bromium does. We help protect your brand, your data and your people with tamper-proof introspection of protected hosts. Request a meeting today.

Over 80% of Public Sector breaches are comprised of - Cyber-Espionage, Privilage Misuse or Miscellaneous Errors


Just under 60% of the reported Public Sector breaches in 2016 took over a year before they were uncovered

Source: 2017 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report