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Financial Services

Cybercriminals Follow the Money

Most cybercriminals are focused on making a profit, so it’s not surprising that the financial services sector is one of the top three industries on their radar. This industry presents a wealth of opportunities for malicious activity at banks, credit unions, insurance companies, investment firms, stock brokerages and related businesses. Data breaches cost individual financial institutions millions of dollars in asset theft, business disruption, breach remediation, and increased post-breach investment in security solutions.

“In 2014, there were 277 confirmed data breaches
in the financial services industry.”


Challenges: Why Traditional Security Measures Fail

  • Threats continue to change
    Today’s attacks, such as spear-phishing attacks, are sophisticated, customized, and constantly changing. They are able to bypass traditional signature-based security and can lurk for weeks or months before they are discovered.
  • BYOD, the cloud, and mobility pose risks
    These trends and technologies will continue to expand, and IT is challenged in addressing the risks introduced by these platforms.
  • IT can’t keep up
    To stay competitive, financial institutions deploy new technologies, as they strive to improve their services and offerings, but applying appropriate security defenses to protect these systems can sometimes lag behind.

Invest in Bromium

Bromium’s revolutionary isolation approach is far more effective than traditional detection-based solutions like antivirus, whitelisting, Web gateways and sandboxes. Here’s why Bromium’s technology is a worthwhile investment for financial services firms:

  • Prevent breaches
    Our breakthrough isolation technology creates a disposable micro-virtual machine for vulnerable operations, like Web browsing or opening documents or attachments. Tasks are isolated from the host system, so there’s no need for detection or behavioral analysis—and the possibility of compromise is eliminated. If malware is on a website or in a document, it is contained in our micro-virtual machine, and it is discarded when the task or session is complete, so your endpoint, your network, and your infrastructure are not compromised.
  • Click on anything
    Users have the freedom to use the latest tools and technologies they need to do their jobs. They can access the Web and work from any location—in the office or on the road. And they never have to worry about the security or the privacy of customer records or financial data.
  • Streamline security
    False alerts, urgent patching, and remediation are greatly reduced, if not eliminated, lowering operational expenses and freeing up IT for more critical matters. Users experience productivity gains with improved uptime.

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