Blog IDC’s Frank Dickson to Discuss Innovative Approaches to Cybersecurity [Webinar]

Frank Dickson IDC Researcher Webinar Validating the Know: A Different Approach to Security

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IDC’s Frank Dickson to Discuss Innovative Approaches to Cybersecurity [Webinar]

  • Frank Dickson, IDC Research Director, Security Products, authored the IDC Perspective, “Validating the Known: A Different Approach to Cybersecurity”
  • Join this live webinar on February 22 to hear Frank present his research and ask him your questions
  • Frank’s report looks at alternatives to detection-based security, including application isolation

We’ve invited Frank Dickson, IDC Research Director, Security Products, to share his research, “Validating the Known: A Different Approach to Cybersecurity.” The live webinar is Thursday, February 22 at 5pm UK | 12pm ET | 9am PT. If these times don’t work for you, still register for the webinar and we’ll email you the on-demand recording and a copy of his report.

RSVP: Reserve your spot today.

“Although we have seen some innovative new offerings in the cybersecurity market, the majority of today’s technologies take fundamentally the same approach: we are looking to detect the bad or malicious. A new approach is ‘validating the known,’ looking to validate objects as good or valid as compared with a certified list of known files or objects.”

Frank Dickson, Research Director, Security Products, IDC

Are you ready to move beyond detection-based security? 

  • Is your IT organization still playing the game of “cat and mouse,” trying to stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated cyber attackers?
  • Do you need validation for a compelling business case to radically change your organization’s approach to cybersecurity?
  • Are the most promising new security solutions on your professional radar?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, be sure to check out this webinar. Frank will review the findings of his report, including:

  • Why detection of malicious code can no longer protect your IT systems against cyber miscreants.
  • How the new approach based on “validating the known” will help you protect your intellectual property and assets.
  • Innovative approaches you should consider, including application isolation.

RSVP: Reserve your spot today.

All webinar attendees will receive a copy of Frank’s report, “Validating the Known: A Different Approach to Cybersecurity.” If you can’t wait until February 22—or just want to get a head start so you’ll have questions ready for the live webinar—you can download Frank’s IDC Perspective report, compliments of Bromium.

Bring your questions for Frank and we look forward to seeing you on February 22!

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