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Here’s Why Ransomware is a Problem for Everyone!

  • I’ve seen IT Security solutions change a lot since the ILOVEYOU outbreak in 2000, when I sold anti-virus solutions on CDs.
  • Despite the dramatic changes, I still see a lot of companies paying a high price for inadequate strategy against ransomware.
  • In order to be prepared against tomorrow’s threats, you have to change the game. We do that at Bromium by providing protection to defeat ransomware, instead of relying on detection.

In the many years that I have worked as a security professional in the IT industry, I have experienced the evolution of malware first hand. I will never forget one of the first major worldwide malware outbreaks “ILOVEYOU” back in 2000. Most companies at that time did not have adequate security solutions in place for blocking the malware and were hit hard.

Working for an IT security distributor at that time, we had customers coming over in a taxi to pick-up an anti-virus solution on CD (yes CD not DVD). While malware was written in those days by kiddies with too much knowledge and most likely too much time, today’s malware is created by professional criminal organizations with a lot of money doing all they can to make even more. As many things have changed over the years, one thing remains the same and that is that most companies still do not have an adequate strategy to deal with today’s biggest malware threat: ransomware.

Watch: Bromium defeats ransomware.

Most companies are clueless when it comes to ransomware

On a daily basis, I speak with organizations and home users who have been hit hard by ransomware. For instance, recently I spoke with an organization who lost 50 laptops in one weekend. The laptops belonged to 50 of their consultants who were abroad at a customer office. As a result, the only solution was to purchase 50 new laptops to make sure the 50 consultants could proceed with their project. Obviously, since their security protocols weren’t changed, it was just a matter of time before it would happen again.

While talking to companies who have been hit by ransomware, it’s very clear that traditional, “next gen” AV solutions are not capable of stopping sophisticated ransomware attacks. Most companies have no idea how to protect themselves against ransomware. Here’s what I mean: I was watching a Dutch television program called “Tros Opgelicht”. In the program, they showed how people lost thousands of Euro’s after being infected by ransomware. The solutions provided in the program and theirwebsite are incomplete:

  • Having a back-up of your data is obviously a smart thing to do and can reduce the impact of a ransomware infection smaller. However, it will not protect you against becoming infected.
  • Having an up-to-date AV solution with heuristics turned on, helps you being protected against yesterday’s threats, but not against today’s or even tomorrow’s threats.

In order to be prepared against tomorrows threats, you have to change the game!

It’s a shame to see that many companies today still rely on the traditional detection-based security solutions, when better solutions are available. Take a look at Bromium Secure Platform, which uses state-of-the-art micro-virtualization for protection against malware without relying on (signature) detection, cloud databases or continuous updates. With Bromium, users can safely open any website, any document received via email, internet download, USB drive, etc. without the risk of infecting the endpoint.

Being able to securely open ransomware-infected documents on your endpoint without being infected, makes sure that users can do their day to day job without being impacted by security tooling and still be 100% protected. This gives end users the freedom to do their normal work routine and even allows them to look at Facebook or open their private web-based email using the corporate endpoint.

The bottom line is having a solution that allows end users to click while isolating malware and ransomware means the security team can take a deep breath and relax.


Contributed By: Andre Noordam


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