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Four Reasons the 2017 RSA Conference is More Important than Ever

  • Cybercrime continues to increase with the economic consequences impacting global businesses and their shareholders.
  • End users are growing weary of passwords, rules, bans and are basically giving up.
  • Exhausted security owners are settling for “good enough” because they’re getting pounded from all sides.


I think everyone’s had this moment.

Technology is amazing. It has increased productivity, created a global community, fostered commerce and improved the human condition. Unfortunately – as with anything – there are those who work to exploit it for personal gain. In our world those are usually cybercriminals. But we all know this.

So what do we do about it?

Not attending RSA? That’s okay – contact us for a private meeting.

As the C-suite and boards of directors look to their corporate security teams for solutions, the pressure is building. We are at a tipping point – where the needs of the business demand agility and flexibility to foster innovation, yet the reality of being “owned” persists as a CISO’s worst nightmare. I believe it’s time for cybersecurity experts to get mad. I want them to shout from the rooftops, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” And then I want them to fight.

And here’s what I want them to fight for:

  1. Reliability. Software vendors who provide you with security solutions (like us) need to do better. Our customers ask for it from us; you need to be expecting it from everyone. It’s not about a Magic Quadrant; it’s about execution, accountability andreliability.
  2. The Business. When a security solution depends on setting rules that limit how your company works, that’s not a solution. That is a metaphorical handcuff. It limits innovation and creativity. What we do should help your company thrive. If it doesn’t, you need to look for other answers.
  3. The End Users. Your business users should be able to surf the net, download files, send attachments and use applications without threat of retribution. That means putting an end to punishing users and seeking solutions that remove the burden from them and transfers it to tech. The NIST Report nailed it: people are tired and failing. And it’s not their fault.
  4. Collaboration. Cybersecurity leaders have collective power. You should be talking to your peers not just about software and hardware but about joining together to combat the problems together. The big banks are doing it. If we align our efforts, share best practices (both business and technology) and leverage our collective experience (and share data), I believe we can have a greater impact on cybercriminals.

The reason I think RSA is so important is that this is where you have access to the resources you need to start fighting. Your peers will be there. We vendors are there. The solutions can be evaluated. The discussions can happen and new ideas can be put forth.

We have four opportunities that can help prepare yourself to fight on those fronts.

  1. Simon Crosby, our co-founder and CTO, is available for consultations to help you review your current security strategy and to identify opportunities for improvement and cost reduction. Click here to get on his calendar (choose exec meeting).
  2. Exclusive Casual VIP Dinner with corporate leaders (who aren’t necessarily security people), political leaders and security experts coming together to collaborate by discussing the impact of cybercrime on business, innovation and security strategies. Held at Ozumo on the 14th beginning at 6pm, we plan to provide plenty of sushi, sake and conversation. To have your exec invited, contact me.
  3. Come see our demo at our booth. Designed to create a bit of fun around a serious topic, our booth should get you talking. We’ll be in the very back of the South Hall, #S1347 – look for the green smoke above the booth – we’ll be demonstrating Bromium and have a short theater presentation. You’ll like it, I promise – and don’t leave without our giveaway – it’s a license for something I think you will value long after the show (wink, wink).
  4. Finally, party with us at The Mint.  This one’s not about the technology, but for sure it focuses on collaboration. We’re hosting the shindig with corporate friends and there’s going to be dancing, music and activities for non-dancers. You need toreserve your ticket here.

The whole Bromium team looks forward to seeing you in just a few days. And look for me and introduce yourself! I’ll be on the floor, at our suite and at both parties. I hope to see you there.


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