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If There Was a Flu Inoculation for Malware, Would You Get It?

  • It’s inevitable that we’ll have to fight off some sort of strain of flu during the winter season. Without adequate protection, the same goes for malware.
  • Flu inoculations are unreliable due to the virus’ unpredictable polymorphic nature. If there was a reliable inoculation, you’d get it, right?
  • Bromium’s micro-virtualization technology does offer reliable protection against malware, no matter how unknown, complex or persistent the attack is, meaning you don’t need to be at risk anymore.


It’s that time of year… flu is here and it’s been a particularly nasty variant this winter too. The flu virus puts you on your back – and there have certainly been a lot of unfortunate souls in that position recently. The same goes for malware, where there’s been a 600% rise in active ransomware families alone since 2013. Whether it’sPopcornTime or CryPy, hackers are continually finding new ways to attack organizations. And as with the flu virus, they don’t discriminate, with a target range stretching as far as schools, hospitals and the government.

So, is it time for your flu inoculation?

Find out how our micro-virtualization technology works here.

I’ve heard the argument that “there’s no point getting the flu inoculation, as you’re bound to get something…” I’ll remind you that you said this when you’re on your sick bed.

Ask yourself this question: If there was a flu inoculation for malware, would you get it?

Unfortunately, much of the IT security industry is funded by selling treatments to cope with the symptoms, rather than trying to tackle the disease itself. This is big business, as the more you’re convinced that you can’t stop getting colds and flu, the more tissues, painkillers, and hot drinks they can sell you. The same applies to IT; where the more you’re convinced that you can’t stop getting malware, the more you’ll spend on coping strategies, such as user-education and post-mortem analysis.

We know this doesn’t work. Sometimes the only thing stopping a security strategy from toppling is a single employee mistakenly opening a malicious email attachment. In the words of Bromium’s Co-Founder and President, Ian Pratt, companies should“stop trying to fight an unwinnable battle” .

Prevention is better than the cure. If you’re immune, you don’t care.

Perhaps the flu inoculation isn’t for everyone. But if you knew it was effective, and you could test it first, it sounds pretty cool, right? In business terms: what would it mean to your company if internet browsing and email attachments were no longer a source of risk? With Bromium’s micro-virtualisation they don’t have to be. Users are free to be productive, and businesses are protected when users inevitably come across something nasty.

That needle doesn’t sound so bad now, eh? And we promise it won’t hurt.


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