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Cybersecurity Virtualization Expert Ian Pratt Explains WannaCry Exploit

  • Ian Pratt, co-founder of Bromium and a virtualization expert was interviewed by Sky News.
  • The video clip below shows how the malware arrived and how it deployed.
  • This is the first of what will be many likely exploits in the months to come.

WannaCry is likely the first of many global cybersecurity events that will put our collective economies at risk. From business to government to individuals, millions were affected by the outbreak.

Ian Pratt, Bromium co-founder and president, was interviewed by Sky News to discuss the scope of the attack and to demonstrate how it happens when the payload is delivered at the endpoint. He concludes by stressing the need for a new approach to cybersecurity – virtualization – which eliminates the need to rely on patching for keeping computers protected (watch Bromium crush ransomware).

Bromium is optimized to work on Windows computers running Internet Explorer. It protects users who download files, use email, Java (especially associated with legacy applications) and browsing. We can set up a proof of concept to show you how it works in your environment. You can also meet with Ian at InfoSec in June, just schedule an appointment.

Please note: This demonstration shows one example—malicious documents—of how ransomware like WannaCry can enter your network. Bromium stops ransomware in its tracks. We use virtualization to contain threats – from applications, downloads, files, and while browsing – and you can then choose to let it run or shut it down.

You can also download Ian’s podcast with Risky Business’ Patrick Grey – the two talk about virtualization and why it’s well-suited for defense-grade security – especially in environments running legacy applications, Windows or IE.


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