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Endpoint Protection Case Studies

Top Financial Services Provider Ditches Detection for Isolation New

Read how this global financial services provider gave up on detection and updated its security strategy by shelving venerable endpoint detection to focus on a modern security stack. They decided to shift focus to protecting vulnerable applications at the source rather than examining every incoming file. They realized that security is constantly changing and a secure future lies in application isolation and control with network monitoring that's only available with virtualization-based security. 

Mosaic: Bromium’s Complete Endpoint Security Elevates Risk Posture New

Mosaic sought to reduce endpoint risk and improve overall enterprise security with a solution significantly more effective than traditional antivirus technologies. Mosaic selected Bromium for its simple, yet complete, approach using CPU-enforced security to protect the endpoint and prevent the spread of malware to the enterprise.

ADP Moves from Defend to Prevent with Bromium New

ADP wanted to significantly reduce the company’s attack surface, so it turned its attention to the endpoint. ADP deployed Bromium because it found that micro-virtualization is the only technology that could consistently defend the OS and also provide granular visibility into malware.

Bromium Protects Sensitive Data at Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP

Taft needed a way to better protect its endpoints and also enable users to confidently search and download from the Web.  Taft deployed Bromium and now has even better protection for its intellectual property and client data, and has had a significant reduction in reimaging PCs.

Global Banking Organization Secures Endpoints with Bromium

A top-five bank needed to solve its toughest security challenge - legacy security did not adequately protect employees while on the road. Isolating attacks was determined to be the only way to go to protect off-net workers. Bromium was deployed on 10,000 laptops the first month and then rolled out enterprise-wide.

Security Matters at Valspar—and Bromium Is on It

Valspar, a global leader in paint and coatings, deployed Bromium vSentry to address advanced persistent threats and spear phishing. Valspar has vastly improved defenses against modern threats and has reduced time-consuming IT tasks such as PC reimaging and reactive security patching.

Bromium Helps Pioneer Investments “Keep Up with the Threat Curve”

Pioneer was concerned that its existing security was not enough to defend against today’s difficult-to-detect attacks. Bromium proved to be phenomenally effective when tested and was quickly deployed. With Bromium, Pioneer is now protected from modern threats and has better real-time threat intelligence.

East Coast Financial Investment Advisory Firm: Bromium Alleviates Productivity and Downtime Concerns

The firm was experiencing excessive employee downtime because of frequent PC reimaging. Its sophisticated array of layered security, including the most advanced endpoint solutions, was not doing the job. The firm deployed Bromium on all PCs. PCs are now clean, and employee productivity is up.