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Endpoint Protection Customers

Enterprises around the world turn to Bromium to transform their endpoint security using isolation to defeat cyber attacks, streamline IT and empower their users. Bromium is proud to showcase how customers are successfully delivering this revolutionary new architecture.

Focus on protection

These excerpts from customer interviews highlight what strategic business leaders value most about working with Bromium, including the game-changing approach to malware to secure the enterprise at the endpoint, and the great customer support and responsiveness.

Traditional protection methods are no longer relevant

Altera Corporation had problems protecting their mobile workforce who use laptops and often connect from locations which were not secure. Colin Haubrich talks about they turned to Bromium for help.

Game-changing technology

Jim Routh, Chief Information Security Officer at Aetna, believes that "Microvirtualization is game-changing technology." Bromium allows him to safely give users unfettered access inside and outside the enterprise, managing the associated risk by shrinking the attack surface.

Safety for a mobile workforce

V. Jay LaRosa talks about his organization's problem of managing a mobile workforce together with a BYOD approach, and how they were able to cut down on the resource devoted to updating their security infrastructure using Bromium.

It's safe to open any attachment

Edge Technology Group consults for many high profile organizations. One of their clients, a hedge fund investment firm, needed a way for their users to be safe from malware while browsing and opening email attachments. "It's truly the greatest technology as far as dealing with the malware." says Michael Laudenslager.

People can’t keep up

Joel de la Garza, the Director of Security at Box, Inc., talks about the challenges facing companies with employees spread throughout the globe. Joel is a believer in investing in “technologies that can meaningfully prevent incidents from happening” and discusses working with Bromium today and his vision for the future.

Finding out the unknown

Ken Pfeil, Chief Information Security Officer at Pioneer Investments, calls the Bromium model of isolation "a game-changer" that, unlike traditional anti-virus, allows his company to differentiate between real threats and false alerts.