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Bromium Selected as 2013 SINET 16 Innovator

Security Innovation Network selects Bromium LAVA™ as one of the industry’s 16 most innovative security products of 2013

Cupertino, CA – November 5, 2013 - Bromium, Inc., a pioneer in trustworthy computing, today announced that it has been selected as a SINET 16 Innovator for the second year in a row. The Security Innovation Network (SINET) initiatives are designed to advance innovation and enable collaboration between the public and private sectors to defeat global cyber-security threats.

“We are honored to be selected to present Bromium LAVA at the 2013 SINET Showcase,” said Gaurav Banga, co-founder and CEO of Bromium. “LAVA leverages our innovation in micro-virtualization to offer unparalleled accuracy in threat intelligence, in real time, addressing a vital need for Government agencies and Federal Systems Integrators seeking to both protect their infrastructure and understand the origins, methods and targets of advanced malware.”

In 2012, Bromium was selected as a SINET 16 innovator for its groundbreaking innovation in Bromium vSentry®, which protects enterprise endpoints without relying on complex detection techniques. vSentry protects devices even if they have dependencies on legacy software, such as Java, and eliminates remediation costs by automatically discarding malware.

This year, Bromium has been honored by SINET for its innovation in Live Attack Visualization and Analysis (LAVA™), which uses micro-VM introspection to deliver accurate, detailed, real-time threat intelligence for malware that attacks a vSentry protected endpoint. Bromium announced general availability of LAVA in June 2013.

“Bromium micro-virtualization is the most significant advancement in information and infrastructure security in decades. vSentry protects by hardware-isolating each website, attachment and untrusted document in a micro-VM, defeating advanced malware and preventing access to enterprise data, networks and sites,” said Bob Bigman, former CISO of the CIA. “LAVA complements this with micro-VM introspection, recording every step of malware execution in real-time, automating malware forensics and generating vital threat intelligence for security teams.”

LAVA records all system changes attempted by malware isolated in a micro-VM, captures malware payloads, and tracks the malware as it executes its attack, reducing false-positive alerts and offering security teams real-time forensic threat intelligence of unrivalled accuracy. LAVA delivers threat intelligence in an open standard XML format that can be shared with other organizations, and generates signatures that can be input into enterprise firewalls, IDS and IPS systems to rapidly achieve defense in depth.

Bromium will present LAVA at the 2013 SINET Showcase to be held on December 4-5, 2013, at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. The SINET Showcase, a public private partnership initiative, was created to identify and share innovative and potentially disruptive cyber-security technologies among the audience of buyers and influencers from the investment, research, commercial, civilian, defense and intelligence communities. The SINET program, supported by the Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate, received one hundred and fifteen application submissions from early stage and emerging technology companies, with the guideline that their revenues be under $15 million. These entries were carefully vetted in a two-stage process by the SINET Showcase Steering Committee comprised of 66 leaders from the government, industry, investment and academic communities.

About Bromium

Bromium is re-inventing enterprise security with its powerful new technology, micro-virtualization, which was designed to protect businesses from advanced malware, while simultaneously empowering users and delivering unmatched threat intelligence to IT. Unlike traditional security methods, which rely on complex and ineffective detection techniques, Bromium protects against malware from the Web, email or USB devices, by automatically isolating each user-task at the endpoint in a hardware-isolated micro-VM, preventing theft or damage to any enterprise resource. Bromium’s technological innovations have earned the company numerous industry awards including being named as a CNBC Disruptor and a Gartner Cool Vendor for 2013. Bromium counts a rapidly growing set of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies as customers, including NYSE and BlackRock.

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