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Bromium® Doubles Customers, Revenue in Second Quarter

Emerging endpoint security leader continues to accelerate sales of its flagship product, vSentry

CUPERTINO, Calif., July 11, 2013 – CUPERTINO, Calif., July 11, 2013 – Bromium, a pioneer in trustworthy computing, today announced record growth in sales of Bromium vSentry® for the second quarter of 2013. In the process, Bromium added more than a dozen major enterprise customers requiring true security innovation and complete user protection. This market acceleration further validates the security benefits of Bromium’s revolutionary hardware-isolated micro-virtualization technology, which defeats all advanced malware that attacks corporate endpoints.

“Bromium vSentry is an innovation for enterprise endpoint security, minimizing risk from malware while enabling our employees to freely browse the Internet and open email attachments and links,” said Jonathan Klein, Chief Information Security Officer at Broadridge. “vSentry limits the reliance on patching, endpoint IDS/IPS and Anti-virus, which are becoming less effective technologies over time.”

Bromium vSentry uses CPU features for virtualization and security to automatically, instantly and invisibly hardware-isolate each untrusted user task in a disposable micro-VM that cannot modify Windows or gain access to enterprise data or networks. vSentry also delivers real-time threat intelligence and malware behavioral analysis, giving security teams complete forensic insights while automatically generating signatures for new and otherwise undetectable malware. Defeating and automatically discarding all malware, vSentry keeps desktops clean and users productive. This allows IT to focus its resources on strategic business needs and safely embrace key trends in mobility and consumerization of IT. By eliminating the risk of the unknown, IT can safely run Java, adopt SaaS and cloud-based applications, and empower users to access collaborative social applications without risk of compromise.

“In the past quarter, Bromium signed many new Fortune 1000 customers as well as two of the worlds largest private companies while more than doubling our revenue quarter over quarter,” said Mike McGuinness, Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Bromium. “We are delighted to have earned the confidence of industry and government leaders whose organizations critically depend on the continued security of their PCs and laptops.”

About Bromium

With the world’s most advanced security technology, micro-virtualization, Bromium is re-inventing enterprise security by protecting businesses from advanced threats, including attacks by undetectable previously unseen malware, while simultaneously empowering users and delivering unmatched threat intelligence. Bromium vSentry® protects the enterprise at its weakest point, the endpoint, by automatically creating disposable virtual machines, called micro-VMs, to hardware-isolate each user task. When malware strikes, it is contained within a micro-VM and is not able to steal or damage any enterprise resource. vSentry is transparent to the end user, and has no perceivable impact on user experience. Bromium LAVA™ automatically records an entire attack within the isolated micro-VM, providing security teams with automatic, in-depth analysis of advanced malware. Bromium’s technological innovations have earned the company numerous industry awards including being named as a CNBC Disruptor 50 software company, and a 2013 Gartner Cool Vendor. A rapidly growing number of companies worldwide, including NYSE and BlackRock are adopting Bromium. Privately held, Bromium is headquartered in Cupertino, CA and its investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Ignition Partners, Highland Capital and Intel Capital. Learn more at