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NEWS May 14, 2013
A new approach to virtualization could vaporize malware on desktops, mobile operating systems and even cloud-based Desktop-as-a-Service.
NEWS May 14, 2013
Bromium is featured in a CNBC video report and article profiling 50 disruptive enterprise software companies.
NEWS May 13, 2013
With companies and governments spending billions to repel cyberthreats, a surge of venture capital has begun pouring into companies developing cybersecurity technologies.
NEWS May 09, 2013
While organizations have been hot to virtualize their machine operations, that zeal hasn't been transferred to their adoption of good security practices, according to a survey released by CSO.
NEWS May 07, 2013
An alarming increase in reported cyber attacks this year is extending the onus on IT pros to once again step up efforts to protect their infrastructures.
NEWS Dec 11, 2012

Bromium has upgraded its security platform vSentry, which uses virtualization to isolate malicious code, to protect virtual desktops and old Windows XP PCs.

NEWS Dec 11, 2012

Bromium announces the release of vSentry 1.1.

NEWS Oct 12, 2012

Bromium recently launched a new approach to desktop security that virtualizes end-user activities when they have the potential to bring in outside agents or malware.

NEWS Oct 10, 2012

Simon Crosby discusses with the author his new company and some of the drivers toward both BYOD and BYOA.

NEWS Sep 20, 2012

The catalyst behind vSentry is that in today’s world, applications and users have to interface with the outside world.