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NEWS Jul 08, 2013
Gaurav Banga, co-founder and CEO of Bromium, writes that advanced malware attacks will never be stopped by traditional detection-based endpoint security technologies. What's needed now is hardware-... Read More
NEWS Jun 27, 2013
Ed Haletky moderates a roundtable podcast on security issues on public networks, with Simon Crosby and Tal Kelin from Bromium.
NEWS Jun 18, 2013
Bromium's emphasis on secure mobility is to protect users who access corporate applications via wireless hotspots or other untrusted networks outside the corporate firewall.
NEWS Jun 12, 2013
Building on the 1.0 release, Bromium has reduced the size of its code base by developing the entire tool around Xen. Prior to this, there were other components that were needed to provide a certain... Read More
NEWS Jun 11, 2013

Gaurav Banga, Bromium CEO, discusses Bromium's disruptive technology on CNBC Squawkbox's Disruptor 50.

NEWS Jun 11, 2013
Bromium's small virtual machines have been updated to protect users who send documents or connect to public wireless hotspots when on the move. The core of Bromium's vSentry software uses Intel CPU... Read More
NEWS May 30, 2013

A large US supermarket chain has implemented an innovative endpoint security technology to secure point of sales systems running legacy applications to save additional development or patching... Read More

NEWS May 29, 2013
Technical blogger Simon Wardley provides his perspectives on what makes Bromium an innovative company capable of effectively dealing with advanced threats and zero-day attacks.
NEWS May 27, 2013
Simon Crosby is one of the industry thought leaders that people are following on Twitter.
NEWS May 24, 2013
In the May 2013 issue of the CyberWarning publication, Tal Kelin from Bromium provides an important perspective on defeating zero-day attacks.