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NEWS Oct 17, 2016 Davey Winder

Using micro-virtualization you can just let ransomware run, says Bromium Co-Founder and President Ian Pratt. It’s completely isolated, with no way of escaping.

NEWS Jul 14, 2016

Machine learning is good at helping to detect breaches, bad at preventing them, says Simon Crosby, Bromium CTO and co-founder.

NEWS Jul 07, 2016

Don't blame the end user, says Bromium CTO and co-founder Simon Crosby. Instead, isolate untrusted documents.

NEWS Jun 28, 2016

Micro-virtualization might be one solution for the Retefe banking trojan, according to Fraser Kyne, regional systems engineering director at Bromium.

NEWS Jun 21, 2016

'The only way to prevent such breaches is to use an endpoint isolation technology like micro-virtualization,' says Simon Crosby, co-founder and CTO of Bromium.

NEWS Jun 20, 2016

Bromium CEO Ian Pratt acknowledges black box capability with complete attack forensics and built-in prevention.

NEWS Jun 13, 2016

Users cause the most sleepless nights for security professionals, according to a survey of RSA Conference 2016 attendees, the results of which are summarized in this article by Simon Crosby, co-... Read More

NEWS Jun 13, 2016

Ian Pratt, co-founder and CEO of Bromium, provides expert commentary how hackers can use return-oriented programming to exploit systems.

NEWS Jun 03, 2016

”Bromium is a hardware-assisted containerization platform that leverages virtualization technology present in current generation Intel processors.”

NEWS May 26, 2016

“Both compliance and approvals for IT security are too slow and do not move fast enough,” says Simon Crosby, co-founder and CTO of Bromium.