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Security Current's Endpoint Security Report

December 19, 2017 Category: Company News By: Jessica Morales Comments: 0

Get the Report: CISO Recommendations for Endpoint Security by Security Current

  • New Security Current report compiles advice and recommendations for endpoint security solutions from 13 CISOs across a variety of industries
  • Hear why CISOs recommend application isolation for endpoint security protection
  • See the value of application isolation provided via virtualization-based security when compared to traditional endpoint security approaches

Download the report: CISOs Investigate: Endpoint Security

Cloud. Mobile. BYOD. New services. New apps. New devices. It’s no secret that your attack surface is expanding. Meanwhile, cyber criminals have access to nation-state attack tools, releasing a new breed of malware that renders today’s detection-based security tools useless.

As security breaches and ransomware attacks hit the headlines daily, CISOs and security teams are reconsidering detection-based solutions that don’t stop polymorphic, zero-day or nation state attacks. While there is no silver bullet solution, a multi-layered security stack is recommended. So how do find the right solutions to fortify your gaps?

13 security leaders offer advice on endpoint security solutions.

Beyond the checklists, this insight from early adopters, security leaders who are working hard to protect their enterprise, will help you understand what they’ve done and how it’s worked. Read pros and cons of various approaches, as well as tactics from the people who have been in your shoes.

The CISOs Investigate: Endpoint Security report aims to simplify the process of selecting the right solution for your enterprise security needs. The report compiles opinions on endpoint protection solutions of 13 CISOs from a variety of industries.

Leaders share first-hand experience with micro-virtualization.

Read this report to see what V.Jay LaRosa, Vice President, Global Security Architecture at ADP, says about endpoint security with micro-virtualization (also known as application isolation):

Our advanced endpoint security solution uses micro-virtualization to isolate dangerous threads running on our endpoints. If someone opens up a phishing email, it opens up in a hardware-enforced isolated and virtualized container that will prevent it from ever accessing the underlying file system and the network stack. This has proven to be very effective for us. It’s virtually seamless to our users and has minimal overhead on our workstations. Our users have no idea it’s even there.

See what Henry Jiang, CISO at Oppenheimer & Co, says after implementing his endpoint security solution:

It’s literally multiple virtual machines that are created on the fly on the computer. Everything is containerized within its own bubble. So, think about this scenario. You have a zero-day. The virtual instance of the application gets infected. Guess what you need to do in order to contain that? Or eradicate it? Just close that browser. Simply close the affected applications, and the malware instance will dissolve automatically. What do you have to do with the machine? Nothing. You don’t have to reimage the machine. [Watch a demo.]

Get a copy of the report.

If you’d like to learn more about Bromium’s micro-VM approach to endpoint security, visit our website or contact us.


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