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Bromium Bring-Your-Own-Malware Challenge

Bromium Bring-Your-Own-Malware Challenge

Get the exclusive shirt. 

You have to participate to be part of the exclusive club who took a shot and earned their BYOM shirt. 

Bring it.

You bring the worst, most destructive malware you can find and use it to target a Bromium-protected endpoint in front of a live audience. No gimmicks. No hiding. We’ll do this in plain view (we’ve done it before!).

And then, we encourage you to test other endpoint vendors in the same way.

Request to run malware variants on their systems. We believe security vendors must be held accountable for their unrealized marketing promises and for breaches they fail to prevent.

And if any malware escapes from the micro-VM, you will win $5,000 USD!

How to.

Submit your malware in one the following ways:

  1. Visit us at events and provide a web address where we can download and execute it at the show, or
  2. Upload it to our servers at:, or
  3. Email us at: and we’ll step you through what to do.

We use old and vulnerable versions of JAVA, Flash, and IE on Windows machines. You can also bring malware from a recent attack. We will show you how we protect the organization by letting it run in complete hardware-enforced isolation on the endpoint stopping the malware from infecting endpoint.

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