Protect Before You Detect: FlawedAmmyy and the Case for Isolation

2019-07-17T10:21:57-07:00July 5th, 2019|Research, Threats|

Posted by Ratnesh Pandey, Alex Holland and Toby Gray. In June 2019, Microsoft issued warnings about a phishing campaign delivering a new variant of the FlawedAmmyy remote access Trojan (RAT), and a spike in the exploitation of CVE-2017-11882 in the wild. In this blog post we take a look at some of the weaknesses of detect-to-protect technologies such [...]

Now Available: Bromium Threat Insights Report – June 2019 Edition

2019-06-10T19:00:11-07:00June 6th, 2019|Research, Threats|

This month’s most notable threat is Emotet – a rapidly evolving polymorphic banking Trojan If you haven’t yet enabled your Threat Forwarding, we invite you to do so, and join a community of Bromium users who help fuel our unrelenting pursuit of getting ahead of attackers Learn about Emotet and other emerging threats, and join [...]

New Study Explores the Dark Net and the Growing Risk to the Enterprise

2019-06-06T05:07:37-07:00June 6th, 2019|Research, Web of Profit|

New report details how the dark net has become a cybercrime shopping paradise, offering bespoke malware and targeted FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 hacking services Dark net activity is set to go deeper underground, as vendors turn to encrypted messaging services to thwart law enforcement After another three months of research I’m excited to unveil [...]

The Emotet-ion Game (Part 3)

2019-06-11T09:35:33-07:00May 28th, 2019|Research, Threats|

This blog is a continuation of our blog series on the Emotet banking Trojan. So far, we have analysed Emotet’s delivery mechanism and its behaviour through dynamic analysis. The host and network data captured from Emotet found that it escalates its privileges by registering itself as a service, persists in multiple locations on the filesystem [...]

Introducing the Bromium Threat Insights Report

2019-06-10T18:53:01-07:00May 8th, 2019|Company News, Research, Threats|

The Bromium Threat Insights Report is designed to share intelligence about the most notable malware that our experts have analysed, and highlight new techniques used by attackers. The report is made possible by customers who have opted to share their Bromium-isolated threats with Bromium. Learn practical and actionable information about how to protect your organisation [...]

New report: Social Media Platforms and the Cybercrime Economy

2019-02-25T20:32:42-07:00February 26th, 2019|Research, Web of Profit|

New report outlines how cybercriminals are exploiting trust on social media to spread malware and buy/sell hacking tools and expertise With social media playing a crucial day-to-day role in the workplace, this represents a major threat to organisations After six months of research, I’m excited to say that we are launching our new report: Social [...]

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