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Bromium Enterprise Controller

Bromium Enterprise Controller provides one-click deployment, policy orchestration and threat management for Bromium-protected endpoints in the enterprise.

What is Bromium Enterprise Controller?

Bromium Enterprise Controller (BEC) is a high-performance, central-management server that delivers ease of deployment and management as well as complete control and visibility of the endpoint security environment protected by Bromium. BEC supports the industry-standard Microsoft Windows Server platform in either physical or virtual deployments, ensuring compatibility and integration into the organization’s existing infrastructure.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Streamlined and Scalable Global Deployment — Accelerate deployments at scale with a fully autonomous installation and update engine that does not impinge on existing desktop management systems or personnel.
  • Simplified and Granular Policy Management — Configure dynamic policy requirements with an advanced engine and granular controls. Fully integrated directory services can assign, deliver and update security policies relevant to individual or group roles.
  • Centralized Visibility and Actionable Security Intelligence — Monitor, analyze and report on dangerous security events, attack kill chains and risk profiles in real time from a centralized dashboard.
  • Integration with Threat Intelligence Systems — Publish threat intelligence in real time to SIEM systems and network security tools to provide in-depth defense. Share threat data in a structured format, such as STIX, with other agencies and organizations to enable cooperation in the fight against cybercrime.

How It Works

All Bromium-protected systems communicate with BEC to report on their status and receive updates or commands. Attacks directed at Bromium-enabled systems are forwarded to BEC to alert the security team and provide the advanced threat intelligence needed to power the organization’s defenses.

Bromium Enterprise Controller

Why You Need It

Bromium Enterprise Controller is used by leading organizations to deploy and manage from tens to hundreds of thousands of systems quickly and efficiently. BEC provides the practical tools needed to counter today’s most troublesome and dangerous threats and ensures that you are in control and have complete real-time visibility of the threat environment.

Comprehensive Control

  • An advanced policy engine provides fine-grained control to even the largest organizations. Fully integrated directory services capabilities can assign, deliver and update security policies relevant to each individual or group role.
  • A fully autonomous client installation and update engine delivers the option of accelerated deployment and update capabilities to the security team without impinging on or impacting existing desktop-management systems.
  • Full control of all endpoint isolation capabilities and functions enables the security team to respond in real time to unfolding security events.
  • Advanced threat intelligence export capabilities include pre-configured STIX or MAEC reports for standardized data interchange with third-party stakeholders, MD5 signatures of file-based malware droppers and complete command-and-control channel details for integration with existing cyber-defense and enforcement solutions.

Real-time Visibility

  • State-of-the-art dashboards enable IT to intuitively identify the risk profile, attack trends and real-time status of each protected system.
  • Real-time threat intelligence is delivered via the Bromium LAVA system which maps the entire attack kill chain of attacks targeted at the endpoint.
  • Comprehensive real-time monitoring and reporting of dangerous security events on each endpoint is provided, enabling the security team to spot and respond to trends that might increase the risk to the organization.
  • Malware-capture capabilities enable the security team to record and deliver high-fidelity samples of malware isolated within the Bromium Micro-VM for comprehensive analysis.

Enterprise Scalability and High Availability

  • A multi-tier console architecture scales to the largest organization.
  • Up to 100,000 endpoints can be supported on a single instance.
  • Fully supports high-availability deployments for support of mission-critical systems.