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Virtualization-Based Security with a Subatomic Footprint!

No one disputes that virtualization-based security is the most secure and effective approach to solving the endpoint security challenge! Bromium has now reduced its virtualization resource footprint to run effectively even on devices with only 4 GB RAM! You can now leverage the power of virtualization based security without having to upgrade your endpoint hardware [...]

2017-02-06T14:17:57+00:00February 6th, 2017|Company News|

Threat Forwarding Augments Threat Intelligence with Automated Triage and Categorization

Bromium customers have long had the option to securely transmit their proprietary threat data to Bromium analysts either manually or using our one-way Cloud Connector. Now, with Bromium Secure Platform 4.1.5, we've improved upon Threat Forwarding, introducing a two-way connection from the customer's Bromium Controller directly to Bromium Cloud Services. This allows for automatic threat [...]

2019-03-11T07:51:07+00:00March 10th, 2019|Threats|

Client-Side Virtualization Security at Warp Speed!

Virtualization based security stops what next-gen antivirus misses! Now you can have virtualization based security & peak performance. With more than one billion micro-VMs launched, we’ve had no reported breaches. In my last article, I discussed how Bromium has made some major breakthroughs in client-side virtualization performance and that virtualization based security is now ready for prime [...]

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Bromium Secure Platform

BROMIUM SECURE PLATFORM Stop threats that other solutions miss BROMIUM SECURE PLATFORM The Bromium Secure Platform stops attacks and protects your endpoints using virtualization-based security. Every time a user opens a web page, downloads a file, or clicks on an email link, Bromium creates a micro-virtual machine, isolating each task [...]

2018-09-25T18:43:43+00:00March 29th, 2018|

Data Talks: Bromium Analyzes Live Running Malware from a Unique Threat Vantage Point

Bromium Threat Labs debuts a new multi-part blog series called Data Talks The series features highlights of “live capture” threat research using aggregated data voluntarily reported by Bromium customers Look for deep-dives, trends, and predictions to guide you when you know that detection isn’t enough to keep you safe Today we’re kicking off a new [...]

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Technology Partners

Technology Partners Innovative solutions to optimize endpoint security Bromium Technology Partners Bromium partners with industry leaders to create integrated solutions that help enterprises and government agencies around the world secure their digital assets and protect the privacy of their data and IP. [...]

2018-11-09T13:53:28+00:00November 2nd, 2018|

Ian Pratt, Bromium Co-Founder, Why Bromium is Releasing an Upgrade [Video, Part 3]

The Intel chip vulnerability triggered Spectre and Meltdown - information leakage vulnerabilities. With the advent of the Microsoft Windows patch, it’s important to upgrade Bromium first to keep your security intact. Micro-virtualization can really help mitigate the effects; even when dealing with kernel vulnerabilities. We asked our founder, Ian Pratt, to talk to us about [...]

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