Products Overview

Re-Inventing Security for the Enterprise

Bromium is delivering truly innovative enterprise security solutions with both vSentry® and LAVA. vSentry uses Intel® CPU features for virtualization and security to automatically hardware-isolate each user task that accesses the Internet or untrusted documents. Its architecture is designed to defeat advanced targeted attacks and automatically discard malware when the task is completed. In addition, LAVA automates live attack visualization and analysis – giving security analysts unparalleled insight into attacks when they occur.

Our innovative solutions – which include vSentry deployed at the endpoint and LAVA (Live Attack Visualization and Analysis) deployed in the security operations center (SOC) – are built around the Bromium Microvisor, which leverages virtualization hardware built into modern Intel-powered devices to transparently create hardware-isolated micro-VMs for each end user task.

Bromium products are designed to deal with the inescapable realities of vulnerable software and targeted persistent attacks that trick users into executing malware that is impossible to detect or prevent using traditional tools. If an attack occurs within a hardware-isolated micro-VM, it automatically remains isolated from CPU, memory, storage, device access and network access. When the user task is terminated, any malware is automatically destroyed.

Because each task is isolated, vSentry can safely permit malware to execute to completion within a "throwaway cache" contained within the micro-VM. The LAVA capability enables security teams to safely analyze the entire malware attack and automatically create signatures that can be applied to other security devices in the network. The Bromium Management Server, included with all Bromium products, enables centralized policy management and control of broad vSentry deployments across the enterprise.

Everything is managed and monitored via the Bromium Management Server (BMS) which provides a centralized web service for vSentry policy management, collection of LAVA events from all desktops in the enterprise, and correlation of attack data. The BMS provides a centralized console for visualization and analysis of malware.  It also collects events and malware samples from all vSentry enabled systems for input into enterprise security analysis systems such as SIEMs.