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Endpoint Security Products Overview

Bromium® has pioneered a completely new approach to defeat cyber attacks in real time and provide unmatched threat intelligence — hardware-enforced isolation.

Bromium products apply advanced, proprietary technology to deliver a unique solution that protects the enterprise from cyber attacks while enabling the safe and productive use of the internet.

Our innovative solutions — which include vSentry® deployed at the endpoint and LAVA (Live Attack Visualization and Analysis) deployed in the security operations center (SOC) — are built on the Bromium Microvisor, which leverages virtualization hardware built into modern endpoint systems to transparently create hardware-isolated micro-VMs for each end-user task.

Bromium products are designed to deal with the inescapable realities of vulnerable software and targeted advanced persistent attacks (APTs) that trick users into executing malware that is impossible to detect or prevent using traditional tools. Bromium products not only protect the endpoint but also make the entire enterprise security infrastructure more effective and less expensive to use by providing unmatched visibility into an attackers strategy, tactics and techniques.

Bromium Product Overview

Bromium offers a complete solution, including the Bromium Enterprise Controller (BEC), which enables centralized policy management and control of broad vSentry deployments across the enterprise. BEC provides a centralized web service for collection and correlation of LAVA security events from all desktops in the enterprise, both on and off network. BEC and LAVA provide real-time, automated analysis for the security operations team and serve as an integration point between Bromium products and the rest of the enterprise security infrastructure.