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  • Bromium Nominated for SC Magazine Europe Innovation Award

    SC Magazine Europe has announced that Bromium has been nominated to the shortlist for their 2014 Security "Innovation" award. Winners will be announced April 29, 2014 in London.


  • Bromium Raises $40M For Security Technology That Traps Malware And Limits Attacks
    Bromium has raised $40 million for its micro virtual machine (micro-vm) technology that traps malware and analyzes it for IT administrators to examine once an attack takes place. The oversubscribed Series C funding round was led by new investor Meritech Capital Partners, with participation from existing investors Andreessen Horowitz, Ignition Partners, Highland Capital Partners, and Intel Capital.
  • It's Too Late—Malware Has Already Won
    Gaurav Banga, co-founder and CEO of Bromium, writes that advanced malware attacks will never be stopped by traditional detection-based endpoint security technologies. What's needed now is hardware-enforce micro-virtualization technology to isolate the attacks.
  • Virtualization Security Roundtable (Podcast)
    Ed Haletky moderates a roundtable podcast on security issues on public networks, with Simon Crosby and Tal Kelin from Bromium.
  • vSentry 2.0 Protects Users with Latest Microvisor
    Bromium's emphasis on secure mobility is to protect users who access corporate applications via wireless hotspots or other untrusted networks outside the corporate firewall.
  • Bromium Reduces a PC’s Attack Surface
    CTO Simon Crosby says that with vSentry 2.0 the bad guys would have to shoot an arrow through an apple on a kid's head at the distance of 100,000 miles to penetrate a PC endpoint.
  • Bromium vSentry 2.0 Focuses on Collaboration and Mobility
    Building on the 1.0 release, Bromium has reduced the size of its code base by developing the entire tool around Xen. Prior to this, there were other components that were needed to provide a certain level of functionality, but Xen has progressed to the point where it can now be used for everything vSentry needs to do.
  • Bromium CEO Interviewed on CNBC Squawk Box

    CNBC logoGaurav Banga, Bromium CEO, discusses Bromium's disruptive technology on CNBC Squawkbox's Disruptor 50.

  • Bromium Aims to Protect Users on the Move with Upgraded Virtualization Software
    Bromium's small virtual machines have been updated to protect users who send documents or connect to public wireless hotspots when on the move. The core of Bromium's vSentry software uses Intel CPU hardware features to isolate tasks on Windows in a micro-VM on the fly, and guarantees that any malware the users come across will be defeated and discarded without the user noticing.
  • Bromium uses Microvisors to secure Windows operation

    Simon Crosby, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Bromium, spoke with me recently about his company and the technology it has developed. I was eager to hear what Simon had to say because I knew it would be interesting, clever and a different, and very useful, view of technology. I've spoken with him many times in the past when he was with XenSource and later with Citrix. As with Bromium, the Xen hypervisor is at the core of what Simon was presenting.

    What Bromium has to say about its technology