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Malvertising attack techniques dissected

At Virus Bulletin 2014, Bromium presented a research report that highlights the severe risk of malicious ad networks infecting end users.


The Internet's Mad Men Urged To Get Secure As Millions Continue To Be Exposed To Bad Ads

Web advertising has become such big business and the code so prevalent that it’s impossible to track it all.

Source: Forbes

Malvertising Could Replace Exploit Kits: Researchers

Bromium researchers analyzed malvertising attacks and the reasons for which they've become a preferred method of malware distribution for many cybercriminal groups.


Report: Malvertising solutions will require coordination

Stealthy malvertising attacks are proliferating online, causing more than just infections in millions of users' systems, but also tarnishing the reputations of trusted sites, according to a report from Bromium.

Source: SC Magazine

Malvertising Could Rival Exploit Kits

How do you blacklist YouTube?

Source: Dark Reading

Bash' computer bug could hit millions (Update)

This is going to be much bigger than Heartbleed.

Source: AFP

Malvertising, Online Ad Networks a Dangerous Duo

Advertising networks could become "the next primary attack vector," contends new research from Bromium.


What is Shellshock? The OS X and Linux Bash Bug that Could be Bigger than Heartbleed

Vulnerable network-facing applications can easily be remotely exploited to allow an attacker to gain access to the system.


No Silver Bullet for Use-After-Free Flaws [VIDEO]

Bromium employs a virtualization micro-visor to provide isolation and security.