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Aug 28

Endpoints, Not Cloud, Are Biggest Security Risk

Endpoint security risk is five times greater than network or cloud.

Source: The VAR Guy

Aug 27

The Psychology Of Insecurity

Bromium CTO Simon Crosby discusses the psychology of insecurity with TechCrunch.

Source: TechCrunch

Aug 14

Black Hat 2015 attendees concerned about endpoint risks

Endpoint risk remains five times Ggreater than network or cloud.

Source: SC Magazine

Aug 13

IT security pros more worried about endpoint security than cloud or network security

Email and Internet content increases endpoint security risk.

Source: FierceITSecurity

Aug 13

Why Endpoints May Be the Greatest Risk to Enterprise Security

Security professionals are challenged by Flash.

Source: ITBusinessEdge

Aug 05

The Rise of Malvertising

Bromium research highlights an alarming trend, which can be prevented with threat isolation.

Source: National Law Review

Aug 03

Report: News, entertainment websites serve majority of malvertisements

Bromium research identifies news and entertainment website hosting malicious ads.

Source: SC Magazine

Aug 03

Hackers Exploit ‘Flash’ Vulnerability in Yahoo Ads

Bromium discusses why “malvertising” is so lucrative for cyber crime.

Source: New York Times

Jul 31

Malicious Advertising Infects News, Entertainment Websites

“More than 50 percent of malicious advertising (malvertising) is unknowingly hosted on news and entertainment websites, Flash exploits have increased 60 percent in the past six months, and the growth of ransomware families has doubled each year since 2013, according to Bromium’s latest exploitation trends report.”

Source: eWeek

Jul 31

Survey Roundup: Whistleblower Awards Concern Executives

Bromium research identifies risk of Internet content and malicious ads.

Source: Wall Street Journal