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Dec 11

Ransomware: When Hackers Lock Your Files, To Pay Or Not To Pay?

Bromium discusses its recent ransomware report with “All Things Considered.”

Source: Source: NPR

Dec 08

An epic ride: A look back at the ever-changing information security industry

Bromium CEO discusses the evolution of the the security industry and the nature of advanced threats.

Source: Source: SC Magazine

Dec 03

FBI Warns of Destructive Malware Attacks on U.S. Companies

“These attacks are unlike the ‘at burglary’ of Trojan attacks, but much more brute force like a smash-and-grab or straight vandalism.”

Source: Source: eSecurityPlanet

Dec 02

Betting on Security Start-Ups in an Age of Data Breaches

“Bromium, a start-up that Andreessen Horowitz has invested in, creates secure spaces on computers for different processes, making it less likely that hackers can expand their reach if they have infiltrated a laptop or PC.”

Source: Source: New York Times

Nov 24

Why “Malvertising” Is Cybercriminals’ Latest Sweet Spot

“Malvertising is a tough problem to solve and its unsettling prevalence requires a concerted defense.”

Source: Source: WIRED

Nov 21

Ransomware adds stronger security and targets enterprise

“Bromium said that it is likely that we will see more crypto-ransomware families, and the threat will not go away anytime soon.”

Source: Source: IT Security Guru

Nov 20

Destructive Malware Evades Detection To Cause Multi-Million Dollar Losses

“The report dissects the sophisticated malware, which evades detection-based antivirus security solutions.”

Source: Source: Homeland Security Today

Nov 20

GSN announces Winners and Finalists in 2014 Homeland Security Awards Program

“Using anti-virus against this type of threat is like throwing a shoe at a charging bear.”

Source: Source: TechWorld

Nov 12

C-Level Execs Targeted by Spyware Over Hotel Wi-Fi

“Even a VPN is unable to help protect against many of these attacks.”

Source: Source: InfoSecurity Magazine

Nov 12

Bromium 2015 Prediction: The End of Software Defined Security

“In 2015 we will see broad adoption of technologies that leverage CPU capabilities to make endpoints  vastly more secure, by design.”

Source: Source: VMBlog