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Oct 05

Public networks threat to IT Sec

A Bromium survey of mobile users highlights important security risks.

Source: Enterprise Times

Oct 01

The Rise of Malvertising

Bromium discusses the issues with malvertising.

Source: Risk Management

Sep 17
Sep 15

Protect Your IP from Cyber Criminals

“Bromium’s Mr. Crosby argues that a system of ‘micro-virtualisation,’ which enables machines to be designed to protect themselves in the case of a compromised system, could prove an adequate defence. ‘A few systems need to be re-imagined from scratch, using trusted media. These systems need to be protected by design from any malware in the intranet and infrastructure,’ he says.”

Source: The Times

Sep 08

VMware Moves Open Door For Security Partners

“Bromium creates micro VMs in which each end-user task is executed under its microvisor, keeping it isolated from other components of the system.”

Source: InformationWeek

Aug 28

Endpoints, Not Cloud, Are Biggest Security Risk

Endpoint security risk is five times greater than network or cloud.

Source: The VAR Guy

Aug 27

The Psychology Of Insecurity

Bromium CTO Simon Crosby discusses the psychology of insecurity with TechCrunch.

Source: TechCrunch

Aug 14

Black Hat 2015 attendees concerned about endpoint risks

Endpoint risk remains five times Ggreater than network or cloud.

Source: SC Magazine

Aug 13

Why Endpoints May Be the Greatest Risk to Enterprise Security

Security professionals are challenged by Flash.

Source: ITBusinessEdge

Aug 13

IT security pros more worried about endpoint security than cloud or network security

Email and Internet content increases endpoint security risk.

Source: FierceITSecurity