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Jan 28

Wendy’s investigating possible POS breach

Bromium CTO Simon Crosby discusses POS security.

Source: CSO Online

Jan 26

Seven Of The Most Important Technology Trends To Watch This Year

“Instead of relying on post-hoc analysis in the hope of spotting a breach, your focus in 2016 should be on adopting solutions that make your infrastructure more secure by design, to prevent a breach before it starts. For instance, adopting micro-segmentation and micro-virtualization. – Simon Crosby, Bromium Inc.”

Source: Forbes

Jan 20

Growth in Endpoint Threats Calls for A Proactive Mindset

Bromium CTO Simon Crosby discusses endpoint protection.

Source: Security Week

Jan 19

10 Cybersecurity Issues to Expect in 2016 (Industry Perspective)

“Companies like Bromium are leading the way in micro-virtualization. They’re taking the concept of ‘sandboxing’ one step beyond separating programs to launch virtual machines that surf the Web for you while hardware isolating any incoming malware.”

Source: Government Technology

Jan 15

Next big thing: rise of the machine learners

Bromium CTO Simon Crosby discusses the short-comings of machine learning.

Source: Information Age

Jan 15

VMblog's Expert Interviews: Vadim Kotov of Bromium Talks Malware, Ransomware and Security Threats

“Any successful security solution must fundamentally change the way security is provided by reducing the attack surface and decreasing software surface areas for attack.”

Source: VM Blog

Jan 14

Macro malware hidden in Office documents makes a comebackThreats

Bromium security researcher discusses “Endpoint Exploitation Trends 2015.”

Source: FierceITSecurity

Jan 05

Microsoft's New Security Approach

Bromium CTO Simon Crosby discusses Microsoft’s new approach to security.

Source: Redmond Magazine

Jan 01

What’s The Half Life Of A Unicorn?

Bromium CTO Simon Crosby discusses cyber security “unicorns.”

Source: TechCrunch


Dec 18

Machine learning: Cybersecurity dream-come-true or pipe dream?

Bromium CTO Simon Crosby discusses why machine learning is not enough to catch malware.

Source: CSO Online