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Jan 22

The billion-dollar club

Bromium is highlighted for its security technology.

Source: Source: Fortune

Jan 09

Data Center M&A: 5 2015 Tech Scenarios To Watch

According to Nomura Securities, Bromium is a "market share taker" and "IPO candidate" that "could be acquired" before going public.

Source: Source: Investor’s Business Daily

Jan 06

Is now the time to deploy embedded hypervisors for BYOD security?

“Bromium goes beyond the hypervisor to offer real-time intelligence gathering for encapsulated applications and data that would help IT administrators learn what types of attack staff- or enterprise-owned equipment were experiencing in the field.”

Source: Source: ZDNet

Jan 06

Researchers Find Several UEFI Vulnerabilities

“Three separate advisories for security holes [were] identified by researchers Rafal Wojtczuk of Bromium and Corey Kallenberg of The MITRE Corporation.”

Source: Source: Security Week

Jan 05

Yikes! Ransomware Could Take Over Your Hard Drive

“Ransomware shows no sign of abating since traditional detection-based protection, such as antivirus, has proven ineffective at preventing the attack.”

Source: Source: TechNewsWorld

Jan 01

2015 Predictions for InfoSec

“Any organization, company, or group could use cyber [attacks] as a way to steal, degrade, defraud, confuse, or deny.”

Source: Source: IT Toolbox

Jan 01

Bamboozled: 5 scams to watch for in 2015

“Most anti-virus programs are of marginal use against some of these sophisticated attacks.”

Source: Source: NJ Star-Ledger


Dec 22

Sony hack and ISIS claims point to start of cyber-enabled warfare

“Compared to traditional warfare, these attacks are harder to trace, estimate damage, and punish or react to.  This is why it is imperative that all invest appropriately in information defence and personnel.”

Source: Source: SC Magazine

Dec 18

Sony Pictures Hack Could Be “New Normal” In 2015

“It’s not that Sony Pictures did a bad job, it’s an attack that could have been used on any company across the world, but I think we are going to have a realisation that something needs to change.”

Source: Source: Huffington Post

Dec 17

Sony faces lawsuits over data privacy

“Detection-based solutions, such as antivirus, have proven ineffective at preventing these attacks.”

Source: Source: SC Magazine