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Feb 18

End Users Causing Bulk Of Infosec Headaches

The actions of end users perennially serve up the worst nightmares for infosec professionals.

Source: Source: Dark Reading

Feb 16

Hygiene, Honey Pots, Espionage: 3 Approaches To Defying Hackers

NPR profiles Bromium and its game-changing approach to endpoint protection.

Source: Source: NPR

Feb 11

Cyber-security: Changing the economics!

Bromium CEO Gaurav Banga discusses the economics of cyber-security.

Source: Source: SC Magazine

Jan 22

The billion-dollar club

Bromium is highlighted for its security technology.

Source: Source: Fortune

Jan 09

Data Center M&A: 5 2015 Tech Scenarios To Watch

According to Nomura Securities, Bromium is a "market share taker" and "IPO candidate" that "could be acquired" before going public.

Source: Source: Investor’s Business Daily

Jan 06

Is now the time to deploy embedded hypervisors for BYOD security?

“Bromium goes beyond the hypervisor to offer real-time intelligence gathering for encapsulated applications and data that would help IT administrators learn what types of attack staff- or enterprise-owned equipment were experiencing in the field.”

Source: Source: ZDNet

Jan 06

Researchers Find Several UEFI Vulnerabilities

“Three separate advisories for security holes [were] identified by researchers Rafal Wojtczuk of Bromium and Corey Kallenberg of The MITRE Corporation.”

Source: Source: Security Week

Jan 05

Yikes! Ransomware Could Take Over Your Hard Drive

“Ransomware shows no sign of abating since traditional detection-based protection, such as antivirus, has proven ineffective at preventing the attack.”

Source: Source: TechNewsWorld

Jan 01

2015 Predictions for InfoSec

“Any organization, company, or group could use cyber [attacks] as a way to steal, degrade, defraud, confuse, or deny.”

Source: Source: IT Toolbox

Jan 01

Bamboozled: 5 scams to watch for in 2015

“Most anti-virus programs are of marginal use against some of these sophisticated attacks.”

Source: Source: NJ Star-Ledger