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Nov 16

Changing the Economics of Cybersecurity

Bromium CTO Simon Crosby discusses the economics of security and the importance of endpoint protection.

Source: Security Week

Oct 29

Machine Learning Is Cybersecurity’s Latest Pipe Dream

“Rather than waste money on the unproven promises of ML and AI, invest in your experts, and in tools that enhance their ability to search for and identify components of a new attack.”

Source: Dark Reading

Oct 21

The Rebirth Of Endpoint Security

Bromium is leading the rebirth of endpoint security.

Source: Dark Reading

Oct 15

Dridex back on the radar after takedown

Modern technology innovations around isolation enable us to defend ourselves from threats by design, rather than having to identify them first (either reactively or proactively).

Source: SC Magazine

Oct 10

Adobe Flash exploits: How secure is your security training software?

Bromium research highlights enterprise Flash concerns.

Source: TechSpective

Oct 05

Public networks threat to IT Sec

A Bromium survey of mobile users highlights important security risks.

Source: Enterprise Times

Oct 01

The Rise of Malvertising

Bromium discusses the issues with malvertising.

Source: Risk Management

Sep 17
Sep 15

Protect Your IP from Cyber Criminals

“Bromium’s Mr. Crosby argues that a system of ‘micro-virtualisation,’ which enables machines to be designed to protect themselves in the case of a compromised system, could prove an adequate defence. ‘A few systems need to be re-imagined from scratch, using trusted media. These systems need to be protected by design from any malware in the intranet and infrastructure,’ he says.”

Source: The Times

Sep 08

VMware Moves Open Door For Security Partners

“Bromium creates micro VMs in which each end-user task is executed under its microvisor, keeping it isolated from other components of the system.”

Source: InformationWeek