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Apr 24

Industry wary of House-passed cyber bills

“A survey of cybersecurity professionals conducted by Bromium showed some 78 percent believed their company would benefit from sharing information about cyber threats but only 48 percent said their company would actually participate.”

Source: Source: Federal Times

Apr 15

‘Ransomware’ a Growing Threat to Small Businesses

“Ransomware can target more than 230 different types of computer files, up from 70 in 2013, according to Bromium.”

Source: Source: Wall Street Journal

Apr 06

What CISOs need most: Courage in the face of security nihilism

Simon Crosby, Co-founder and CTO for Bromium, states that “security is a journey — not an end state” in new article for SC Magazine.

Source: Source: SC Magazine

Apr 01

Bromium vSentry: First Look Review

SC Magazine’s Peter Stephenson calls Bromium vSentry “the most creative use of virtualization we've seen to date.”

Source: Source: SC Magazine

Mar 13

“Now, hackers have found a way to blackmail gamers”

The best way to avoid this is prevention.

Source: Source: Business Insider

Mar 13

“Bromium’s Disruptive Approach to Endpoint Security”

Bromium aims to fix the broken and out-dated approach to endpoint security.

Source: Source: PAC

Feb 26

Containment security solutions for endpoints effectively stop attacks before harm is done

“Bromium is resilient enough to shut down any kind of attack.”

Source: Source: Network World

Feb 18

End Users Causing Bulk Of Infosec Headaches

“The actions of end users perennially serve up the worst nightmares for infosec professionals.”

Source: Source: Dark Reading

Feb 16

Hygiene, Honey Pots, Espionage: 3 Approaches To Defying Hackers

NPR profiles Bromium and its game-changing approach to endpoint protection.

Source: Source: NPR

Feb 11

Cyber-security: Changing the economics!

Bromium CEO Gaurav Banga discusses the economics of cyber-security.

Source: Source: SC Magazine