Endpoint Security Transformed

Isolate the Threat. Defeat the Attack.

The Problem: Advanced Threats

The endpoint is the most vulnerable and unprotected attack surface, where over 70% of breaches originate. Today’s stealthy and targeted cyber attacks sail right past traditional detection-based security defenses. Antivirus is ineffective, with detection rates of only 25% to 50% - not good enough. What happens? Enterprises are caught in a never-ending, costly cycle of chasing false positives, getting compromised and re-imaging PCs.

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Modern cybersattacks
Today’s cyber attacks easily evade
legacy detection-based defenses like antivirus.
How we solve it
Bromium isolates every user task in
a micro-VM, making malware irrelevant.

How We Solve It

We take on cyber attacks in a radically different way. We call our approach “isolation”—and it works. Every time a user opens an email or browses the web or shares files, we isolate the task in a micro-virtual machine (micro-VM). Once the task is done, the micro-VM is discarded, malware and all. Advanced threats never go near the operating system, or your network, or your users. What’s the result? You get a quantum leap in endpoint protection, IT doesn’t spend time chasing false alerts or reimaging machines…and your costs are dramatically reduced.

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Our customers value our game-changing approach to securing
the enterprise at the endpoint.

2 of the top 3
financial institutions

3 of the top 5
insurance companies

1 of the “big 4”
auditing/consulting firms

“Micro-virtualization is game-changing technology for the information security professional and the enterprise today.”
“This is a revolutionary model, being able to invert the way we have traditionally thought about security. We don’t have to be reactionary anymore!”
“Bromium is a really powerful tool. It is a tool that can be used to engage and has no impact to our systems.”